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User ImageHelp this cat on his quest for World Domination!

From Maggiemay's Love Lies and Lipstick Trilogy


"But it's so rare for you to have a moment of human doubt, we decided to let you suffer. It's good for the soul." (Matashi to Kaiba)

He knew they'd have a huge fight but that was something to look forward to. Make up sex was supposed ta be great. He couldn't wait to find out. (Jou on his realtionship with Kaiba)

"Beg? In your dre-ouch! Jou! That hurt. Don't rip out my pubic hair unless you want the same-ouch! f*ck stop!" (Kaiba to Jou after an arguement)

"Maybe I'll try it someday."
"Only if I'm around. You're way too gorgeous as a guy. You'd have men following you around begging you if you showed your fantastic legs and cute ass in a clingy skirt."
"Really, now let's go down and give the concierge a nervous breakdown." (Yugi and Mokuba about Yugi dressing in drag)

"I decided we communicate best in bed. We can talk to each other better horizontally." (Kaiba to Jou)

"Does that make sense?"
"Yes, in a very nonsensical way." (Jou and Kaiba)

"Okay, who wants to blow this popsicle stand and get pizza?" (Jou as Joie at an interrupted formal dinner)

"Damn it, break it up...I said knock it off. We don't have time for kissy-face."
"Did you just say kissy-face?" (Kaiba to Mokuba and Yugi; Mokuba)

From nomdeplume's For Her. For Him., World's Collide, and The Rest of the Story

Fullmetal Alchemist; WARNING: YAOI, MPREG

"And what about the state alchemists? You couldn't come up to Zolf Kimblee's chin, and I'd bet you look Alex Armstrong in the chest. You've got to hold a record for the youngest and the shortest ever admitted as a state alchemist." (Frank to Roy in a flashback)

"What the hell is he calling a paunch? Paunch? His whole body is paunch. Squatty, fat. Fat. Fat. Idiot...Moron Breda. Told me I was getting a paunch. Ass, Fatass. Called me fat. Said I needed to hit the gym. Does he even know what a gym is? He wouldn't know a set of weights if it bit him on his fat ass." (a pregnant Ed)

"Wasn't anyone going to check and see if I was okay?"
"You're talking. Sounds like your okay." (Breda and Falman)

"I'm beginning to feel a bit useless, you know. Roy and I can't even spar now. All we get into are slap fights. It's a little embarrassing, even if it does manage to keep my hand-eye coordination strong." (Ed)

"Now how am I supposed to function at all at work with that image burned into my brain?" (Roy)

"Please, Al, it wouldn't look very good if you injure a colonel in the military. You could go to jail for it."
"You're finding this funny, aren't you?"
"Unbelievably, Mustang." (Ed and Roy)

"Roy. Strange woman. Rubbing my stomach!" (Ed)

"Holy crap, the colonel's in drag!" (Breda, drunk, apon seeing Roy's sister, Raine)

"What's he look like, Roy?"
"Slimy and puffy...but beautiful." (Roy about his newly born son)

"We only did it twice, but, the second time, something, well, took, and you're going to be an uncle, and I'm going to be a father, and Auntie Pinako yelled at me over the phone, and I'm scared sh*tless."
"Al, you just swore." (Al and Ed)

"Damn. I didn't know it was possible to put that many livestock and curse words into one sentence." (Ed)

Frank felt like his head was going to split open. He swore he was even blinking too loud.
"How drunk was I last night?"
"You proposed marriage to two women, one man, a lamppost and a mailbox. Go into the other room. Lay down in the dark, and plug your ears. I"m going to make coffee."
"You'd make a nice wife, you know."
"So you said last night when you asked me to marry you." (Archer and Fuery)

"We can't just call it a tie."
"Then Roy's the winner. He outranks Frank, I like him better, and it's his birthday." (Roy and Ed)

"So you gave out parenting advice based upon your experience with your husband." (Ed to Roy)

But everyone looks huge to a six-year-old. Even Ed.

"I guess phone sex is out of the question." (Roy)

"Fine, you got your revenge for me groping you around our friends, and I've already learned my lesson about using morning sex against you, but damn it, Ed, how am I supposed to face that woman today?"
"With your head held high, and I'm guessing, a limp in your step." (Roy and Ed)

God. Sex. He hadn't had that in weeks either. The b*tch[Dante] really needed to die. (Archer on being away from his lover)

"Apple Strudel." (Wrath)

"Aideen ruins everything."
"Maybe so, but I would prefer if you didn't stare at my daughter like that."
"Yes, Mrs. Havoc." (Nicholas and Gracia [Hughs] Havoc)

"Love you." (Ed)
"Love you, too." (Roy)
"Love you both." (Havoc)
"Just drive." (Ed/Roy)

"Have you learned anything from this?"
"That I'm not opposed to dating a guy, though I still like boobs?"
"That wasn't what I meant, Nicholas."
"Well, it's what I learned." (Roy and Nicholas)

"Learned two days ago that when I combine the blue pills with the red ones, I hallucinate. It wasn't pretty."
"It was very entertaining, though."
"I thought he was a giant green rabbit. I wasn't sure if I should be entertained by it or scared as hell." (Ed and Roy about Ed being on cold medicine)

"Really, Wrath, how can you stand to be with him...and don't give me details about the sex being good or anything that will make me any more mentally disturbed than you two have already managed." (Fletcher)

"Nicholas, I saw my entire life flash before my eyes. It was a rather depressing few seconds I'd rather not repeat." (Danny, to Nicholas who was driving for the first time)

"How is military intelligence?"
"Still searching for signs of it, sir." (Roy and Fuery)

"Lord love a duck!" (Archer)

"Fine, but if you die, I'll come after you myself when your dad kills me!" (Hohenheim)

"I'm Fuhrer Roy Mustang, the Flame Alchemist. I specialize in fire alchemy, am married to Edward Elric and have twins, Nicholas and Aideen. And I've decided that I'm going to be less critical."

"He's your son, I take no claim for him." (Ed about Nicholas)

"I swear, your parents are the only ones who can make bickering and cursing one another lovey-dovey." (Raine)

"Winry, I'm going to kill your husband, I just need your permission." (Ed)
"The automail's working just fine. It's been six weeks since it was installed. Kill away." (Winry)
"Winry!" (Al)

"Cake's ready." (Nicholas, in a room full of children)

"To a four-year-old, Ed, you're old. Get over it." (Roy)

"I feel like I'm blinking too loud." (Nicholas, hungover)

"You have a serious hero complex, Roy Mustang."
"Maybe, but I have to save my-"
"Call me a damsel in destress, and I'm not going to be the one resembling a woman."
"You haven't corrected me. You were going to call me a damsel in destress, weren't you?"
"Never" (Ed and Roy)

"Hi, Nina. What can I do for you?"
"Damn it, Nicholas! My ass hurts! I told you to take it easier last night!"
"Victor, darling, we have company."
"We do? Crap!"
"I'm sorry about him. He sometimes suffers from bouts of stupidity." (Nicholas and Victor)

"Stop moving, or I'm going to have to beat my pillow into submission." (Ed to Roy)

"I was just thinking, though, that maybe we should be a little adventurous about things."
"In other words, you're getting bored."
"Well...I know they say that certain positions and conditions are supposed to be optimal [for getting pregnant], but from what I understand, Nicholas and I were conceived on the floor of a tent and my cousin Sasha on the sofa in our house."
"Why on earth does your family share these things?"
"Have you met my fathers?[Ed and Roy] The men who traumatized Nicholas because they were so busy...well..they forgot to lock the door."
"That explains a lot about Nicholas."
"Doesn't it, though?" (Aideen and Fletcher)

"But you should still knock first, as a warning. What on earth would you do if you walked in and saw Vato and I on this table?"
"Oh, we clean it, Roy."
"I'm going home. I am going home, and I'm locking myself away." (Roy and Raine)

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