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A Note

Hello and welcome to my profile, wanderer. I regret to inform you that there is not much here, but thanks for stopping by nonetheless. ^_^

I'm just some old dork who's been on Gaia almost forever. I draw sometimes.

Feel free to randomly comment or send me a message.

"Thinking of you, wherever you are.
We pray for our sorrows to end, and hope that our hearts will blend.
Now I will step forward to realize this wish.
And who knows,
Starting a new journey may not be so hard,
Or maybe it has already begun.
There are many worlds, but they all share the same sky:
One sky, one destiny."

Some people say...

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Loving Virtue Report | 02/12/2022 12:59 am
Loving Virtue
Hey, how are you? smile Do you watch the anime Demon Slayer? There's a character (Shinobu Kocho) in it that dresses in mostly purple (or just has a lot of purple on her). Reminds me of a certain someone. lol
Nala Zutto Report | 08/04/2021 11:45 am
Nala Zutto
Loving Virtue Report | 02/11/2021 11:46 am
Loving Virtue
haha that's okay. Yeah, there's just not much to do on Gaia but it's nice getting on here once in a while. For the nostalgia, haha. How do you still manage to make a better looking avi than mine! It's like you don't even have to try. You still watch anime? I've been watching Jujutsu Kaisen and it's good. smile You must be busier than ever now that you have a kid to take care of! I bet he's a bundle of joy! Good luck with everything! Be safe in this pandemic and bad weather. I haven't been outside much but the other day I went out (forgot to wear my snow boots) in my sneakers and slipped on ice in my driveway and fell backwards hitting my head hard on the ground. I've just been taking things easy now and resting. crying might have to make a trip to the hospital if I don't feel better soon, lol
Loving Virtue Report | 01/30/2021 2:09 pm
Loving Virtue
hiiiiii. hope you've been well. smile
Loving Virtue Report | 02/10/2019 7:37 pm
Loving Virtue
coming here all of a sudden everything I see and everywhere I look is just purple, purple, and more purple!!! what's wrong with my eyes?? crying wahmbulance
KarmaTheNatureLover Report | 10/27/2018 8:48 am
Happy B-day heart
KarmaTheNatureLover Report | 10/30/2017 7:52 am
Happy B-day smile
Stoit Report | 03/16/2017 6:31 pm
cool avi
Not a Bear Report | 11/12/2016 2:02 am
Not a Bear
Yes, I love it so much. It's just the perfect item! A friend gifted it to me, so you evidently weren't the only one to think so. whee
I hope to see you around in CB. emotion_hug
KarmaTheNatureLover Report | 10/30/2016 6:58 am
Happy B-day smile


[i:4b4cf95a45]"In this kind of clichéd story,
There must only be one ending.
Beyond this repeating summer day, it has to exist..."[/i:4b4cf95a45][/size:4b4cf95a45][/color:4b4cf95a45]



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