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i got on right now ....

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Home sweet Home ?!?

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4laugh Welcome 2 all you wonderfull Buyers out there biggrin

Me ?? I am - like most of us - doing my best to achieve a unusual house, Aquarium and a avi - yeah we all like to be somewhat unique lol

i do my best to ensure i sell under the "new"store price and do so for non-shop items too ... to bring you lots of usefull bargains !!!!

- constructive criticism is appreciated -

If you see an item and dont quite have enough gold for it, pm me an offer - haggle.
(please keep in mind that while I am willing to accept offers, I will decline offers that
equal a lot less than then the current marketprice of an item.)

oh btw- i dislike and detest self centered, self serving, dogmatic, elitist, arrogant, snobby,
patronizing and greedy people - if you are one of those pls stay away from me & friends


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Just a few things you may wish to know about me

Well well - what to tell u ... * - came back - after an extended period away

besides that i; an ailuran strigoi kyan, am at times shy but can be brazen too and am as they say, a kind of human being with a reasonable sense of humor that dislikes dogmatic, patronizing people and greedy ones and those that assume things without having all the facts; - i'm a european leather-snol, am butch and do luv things like uniforms, tattoes & piercings - yes have some myself too; basically, am a tomboy dyke - well actually u can these days classify me as latent bi - that is, should u actually need labels to understand....

got at this moment actually long hair down to the bottom of my shoulder- blades lol - had a mowhawk b4 that - bleached blond shaved sides - at the time felt a bit too bourgeois with the haircut i had previously had, in between mowhawks - then .... black-green hair, the style "short back and sides" or a blockhead as some call it - helped keeping the grooming time down - especially when i get the chance to ride one of my motorbikes around europe. i own 2x honda nighthawk 700's; one gray-black the other blue-black and nope, i do not drive cars motorbike license only 3nodding

Have studied film, photography and IT hard- & software technology; nearly became a nurse and have worked in art-galleries, professional photographic studios & labs, nightclubs, bike-shops, boutiques, as well as a motorbike-courier. These days well... am surviving after more than 10 years of being a 3rd line IT tech support engineer.

fav proverbs besides the one my avi says ....

- Living is easy, with your eyes closed
- Might be getting older, but i refuse to grow up!!
- Inside every older person is a younger person wondering what the hell happened!!
- Act young before you get too old, one life is all you have. Being young is what you'll miss.
- I smile sweetly, unable to express the chaos in my head & heart.
-Without friends no one would choose to live, though he had all other goods. from Aristotle

good myasaki movies are ... Grave of the Fireflies - Spirited Away - Taro the Dragon Boy - Nausicaa Of The Valley Of The Wind - My neighbor Totoro - Princess Mononoke - Howl's Moving Castle - Castle In The Sky - Kiki's Delivery Service - Tales from earthsea - Castle of Cagliostro
other good anime - Akira and Ghost in a Shell

At times i might be or feel grumpy, ancient or childish - but if u feel like talking about anything - do so - ur welcome to - do so at any time - i am online quite a lot !

*so u don't run away as soon as u read this and instead just drop me a line :p

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katzumotau Report | 02/28/2013 4:18 am
thx for buying in my store, come back soon okay wink
xInnocent Evilx Report | 02/23/2013 6:18 am
It's called Ponzu, it's a panda, and I have no clue where it's from XD
i-Magenta-i Report | 02/22/2013 8:17 pm
Thank you for your purchase!~
I see you love the Rocky Horror Picture Show~ *smiles*
iCrazyBat Report | 02/22/2013 8:04 pm
Thank you
xInnocent Evilx Report | 02/22/2013 4:00 pm
Lol Thank you ♥♥
kit noino Report | 03/14/2008 11:18 pm
You are looking rather stunning. How goes things?
Thorns on the Rainbow Report | 01/31/2008 3:34 pm




Remember me?

Welcome to the Wired.
Rika-san -pear blossom- Report | 12/24/2007 9:44 pm
Happy Holidays!!
_missezyoki_ Report | 11/03/2007 7:58 am
Oh don't mention it :]
kit noino Report | 10/15/2007 2:07 am
Konnichi wa! I am in Japan Land right now, hanging out in Kyoto. The weather is cool here. Howzit where you are?



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