Hmm where ta start. Ok I'm a guy I guess thats as good a place as any. biggrin I'm Christain I'm 34 and pretty out going and nutty online but you'ld never no me if ya met me in the real world. I'm really quite. Umm..let me think ok i've always been more comfortable around girls. As ya can see most of the people on my friends list are girls. I got a strong romantic side but don't get ta show it much because all the females in my life are my friends. I'm like a brother ta them, not that I mind I love my friends. My friends are very dear ta me I didn't have many growing up so now they mean the world ta me. But I can get pretty over protective sometimes, I can't stand ta see them hurting. And will do anything I can ta help them. Hmm what else.. One thing you'll notice for sure when chatting with me is my spelling really really stinks! and sometimes it'll take me awhile ta respond cuz I don't know how ta spell what I want ta say. I love cats, I got two of them. Their names are Samson and Delilah, they are the most awesome cats ever! My fav colors is purple, white and black. I love movies and will watch anything sometimes even horror. In my eyes there is no "chick flicks" there is nothing better then watching a good movie with someone. wink I also love cartoons. I still watch alot of cartoons and don't plan ta stop. When I get married I'll watch 'em with her, with our kids and then with our grand kids. A really good laugh can really cut stress and take the edge off a bad day. Hmm looks like I covered alot after all. Feel free ta PM me, I don't mind it at all. I do it all the time, I'll find a profile that I like and I'll just start talking to them. LATERz!