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About Randy Goodhue (NejiHyuga900/TDPNeji)

Favorite Music
Artists: Metallica, Crush 40, DragonForce, FamilyJules7x, Daniel Tidwell
Composers: John Williams, Toshio Masuda, Yasuharu Takanashi, Nobuo Uematsu
Genre: Metal (all sub-genre), Hard Rock, J-Rock/Pop, Soundtrack (Video Games, Movies, Anime)

Other Favorites
Favorite Color: Yellow
Favorite Superpower: Lightning
Favorite Games: Phase Shift, Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, Sonic Generations, Call of Duty: World at War (PC version for custom zombies), RollerCoaster Tycoon 3

Naruto Favorites
Favorite Character: Neji Hyūga, Obito Uchiha, Madara Uchiha
Favorite Clan: Hyūga Clan
Favorite Couples (they are canon!): NaruHina (#1!), SasuSaku, ShikaTema, NejiTen (... except for this; R.I.P. my favorite character), SaiIno

Zatch Bell! (Konjiki no Gash Bell!!) Favorites
Favorite Mamodo (Demon): Zatch (Gash) Bell, Zeno (Zeon) Bell
Favorite Human: Kiyo(maro) Takamine
Favorite Couple: Zatch (Gash) x Penny (Patie)

Thunder Dragon (Rairyū)


"I am a Thunder Dragon! Hear me roar thunder and breathe lightning!"

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xXxsofi_kitsunexXx Report | 11/21/2014 9:37 am
Awww~ You're welcome! ^ w ^
xXxsofi_kitsunexXx Report | 06/03/2012 2:27 pm
Happy birthday Neji-san dattebayo~! 3nodding
User Image
iRaven Ayame Report | 06/03/2010 12:47 pm
iRaven Ayame
No problem! ^^
iRaven Ayame Report | 06/03/2010 12:31 pm
iRaven Ayame
hApPy BiRtHdAy NeJi!! :3
User Image
iArekushisu Report | 05/20/2010 8:08 pm
You're done with high school?!?!?! You lucky duck!!
iArekushisu Report | 03/04/2010 4:28 pm
OMG! YOU LIKE JAPANESE MUSIC, THROUGH THE FIRE AND FLAMES, NARUTO, AND RUNESCAPE?!?!?!?! WILL YOU BE MY FRIEND?!?!?!?!?! YOU HAVE FABULOTASTIC TASTE!!!! Err... maybe not fabulotastic, you just have the same taste as me, lol. blaugh
CuddleBean Report | 11/04/2009 2:01 pm
I know this may be annoying, but I saw your reply on the thread for the BOO followers and I followed you,
I was wondering if you could return the favor?
BlazingInfernoPhoenix Report | 10/01/2009 6:51 pm
can u help me get an onyx bolster sword????? PleaSe?????
KH namine5 Report | 09/19/2009 5:39 am
KH namine5
Immortal Ice Dragon Report | 09/14/2009 2:22 pm
Immortal Ice Dragon
i dont mean own i meant ur in....i thinks its mortal u play pokemon at all?


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