Final update: year and a half since my mother's death, and most things are back to normal, so I'll be seeing a lot more of gaia, and going on with life :3

Here's a bunch of words and explanations that describe me. :

-Oxymoron (Everyone is an oxymoron by nature, I just like stating it)

-Intelligent/Wise/Thinker/Hypocrite(I always think, in fact, it's probably a hobby for me. Though it drives me to the point of insanity, I'm always thinking about the big questions and the small questions of life, making my opinion about everything perfect. But since I explore every single point of view, I usually contradict myself in an argument where my only point is to win, because I'll use every opinion I know to my advantage. Other than that, since my many years of thinking, my opinions are usually wise and well thought out, I only wait for someone to prove me wrong so that I can destroy my first opinion and make it even better.)

-Immature/Mature (Most people say I'm immature the first time they meet me, but the fact is I have my reasons, and I can be very mature) -Being mature is knowing when to be immature, and when not to :3

-Cold Hearted/Sensitive (I'll laugh about a car crash and I don't really care about world tragedies, but little things like thoughtful movies and discussions can change my view on the world) -It's not that I don't care, I know there's little I can do about it, and accept that we are human beings that are limited in the physical plane of existence.

-Selfish/Self centered/Nice/Forgetful (Basically, I'm very selfish, but I'll still help people out and give them advice if they want it, just so I can feel more proud of myself. I also tend to only remember things I really want to remember, so I tend to forget things like homework, some people's birthdays, and anything taht doesn't interest me. Everything usually revolves around me) -When one is a child, that is how one thinks, everyone is selfish to some degree like that, a true person works to be better than that :3

-Funny/Random/Life of a party (Most people say I'm pretty random and funny when the time is right)

-Emotional/Laid back/Calm (The fact is I'll scream my lungs out at you, or say I love you, so most people think I mean it, but deep down I'm usually very neutral about the situation) -I've learned to try and express honest emotions, and so I work harder everyday o do so :3

-Loyal/Good friend/Patient (I always keep promises and never go against my real and old friends, I'd die for them. Even if someone isn't such a good friend, I'll be patient and let them screw me over on some deals once in awhile, but I let them know through violent actions that i don't realyl like them.) -A nice talk is so much better :3

-Proud/Stubborn (My pride is one thing I rarely go against. I'm probably the only guy that wouldn't hit on a girl just so that I don't look 'pathetic/desperate/sex driven', and I just hate losing at something I think I'm good at.)

-Random/Crazy/Silly/Insane/Nihilist/Weird/Imaginitive/Original (I really think outside the box, I'll usually never have the same opinion as someone else, and because. I also tend to have a very imaginitive and original mind, so I always visualise things in the strangest ways. This heavily affects my relation and bonds with people.)

-Lazy/Perfectionist/Dependant/Irresponsible/Sensitive (I'm usually very lazy since all I do is think most of the time, so I don't really like doing activities which include running, unless it's with friends. In fact, I only like doing things when it's with people, or when I can depend on someone. I really lack initiative, and even if I'm inspired to do something, I need someone or somehting to keep me going. It gets to the point where I don't do my homework, I get fired from work, and I can't get out of the house unless someone calls me. It's also the fact that once I start not liking something, it shows alot. I also can't seem to do anything asked by someone unless it's physical and very simple. It's mostly about being Lazy and simple though, since I'm just too lazy to even dress nicely or look for friends, I always let things come to me. ) - I now work out at LEAST three times a week, and I'm very motivated to stay active, to call people, and generally spread more enegry to the world, instead of sucking it out :3

-Unattractive/Loud (I find myself repulsive, but some people think I'm okay looking. I'm also quite loud when it comes to voice, most people get used to it, but others find it annoying sometimes.) -I'm quite the male specimen actually... so ladies... ;D xd

-Honest/Direct (I will always give my direct and honest opinion to people I know and people who ask it, even if they'll think I'm an a*****e or a complete lunatic. I'll usually answer any question honestly, and I'll avoid lying most of the time, as you can see from this whole description) -I've learned that sometimes, you gotta be nice no matter what sweatdrop

-Secretive/Manipulative/Sensitive (Even though I am honest most of the time, the rest of that time I only act. In fact, I always keep details about my inner thoughts and plans within my head. Most people don't notice, but I change every day. It's usually noticed after every three months. After that time period, my theories change, my thought pattern changes, and I change. Obviously it takes a whole year or two of changes for people to actually notice it, since all the changes are done within my mind, and not that shell of a person I show most people.) -I now stay true with my friends, and will only put up an act around strangers, like everyone else :3

I'm keeping the strikes there, as a reminder of how much I changed since getting on gaia :3


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I love you Sabes heart

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