The Legend Will Never Die

Im Vaughn (Von) Nemo or Neem,I have 14g Snakebites,A 14g Bridge & 5/8 Stretched Lobes,I'm the boy that can scream on the top of his lungs and no one will listen, I'm the boy that doesn't know if he has something good until he loses it, I'm the boy that wishes the answers to his problems would be right in front of his blue eyes,I'm the boy that never gets to say whats on his mind,I'm the boy that is searching for someone who loves him, and needs him more than anything,

I'm Obsessed W/Horror Movies :] Gore , Intestines, I Don't Have An Agenda, I Don't Judge, I Don't Deal With Drama. I'm Real, and I Don't Give A ******** biggrin

Succession Of Images,The Content And Purpose Passing Through Thoughts, Sounds Of Dreams, The Mind During Sleep, Emotions Not Fully Understood Though They Have Been A Topic Of Speculation.

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(Solipsism)N Philosophy. 1. The theory that the self is the only thing that can be known and verified. 2. The theory or view that the self is the only reality. [Latin sōlus, alone + Latin ipse, self + –ISM.] solipsist sol'ip·sist n. solipsistic sol'ip·sis'tic adj.

W3 AR3 0UR 0WN G0D, MY B0DY 1S A 7EMPL3 biggrin