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Oh hi. I see you've decided to check out my profile.

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My name is Andrew Christman, and I'm currently living in one of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania's suburbs. I'm 30. The photo above is me at age 6. Anything else you'd like to know can either be found somewhere in here or you can ask.


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Thoughts from the Void - The Journal of A.D. Christman

People have good days, bad days, thoughts, etc. A journal is where you chronicle these events and, in some occasions, share them with others. Enjoy this small trip into my life and it's workings.



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LoIipops Report | 10/20/2016 12:36 pm
Stopping by to sprinkle a little glitter and sunshine all over your page!
Have the best day ever~
bby togepi Report | 10/06/2016 8:18 pm
bby togepi
Hello new friend, pleasure to meet you.
Now time for the stereotypical question;
How has your day been?
Dinosaur Ejaculation Report | 10/29/2015 6:46 pm
Dinosaur Ejaculation
hmm I suppose
well I didn't grow up with murderers but with similar mentalities and the violence lol
but same to you, parents who are into macabre, always interesting
Dinosaur Ejaculation Report | 10/29/2015 6:43 pm
Dinosaur Ejaculation
Oh thats cool
and mine comes from my upbringing i suppose
I'm just always finding myself drawn to personalities and psychologies I can relate to from my childhood
Dinosaur Ejaculation Report | 10/29/2015 6:38 pm
Dinosaur Ejaculation
It's quite obvious smile where does your interest come from
Dinosaur Ejaculation Report | 10/29/2015 6:36 pm
Dinosaur Ejaculation
No not really, I'm just fascinated by their psychologies and the people who get involved with things as such
Dinosaur Ejaculation Report | 10/29/2015 6:32 pm
Dinosaur Ejaculation
Although even then, you don't know if you'll ever avoid becoming a victim. Trusting is impossible. That's why I like the true crime community, so many people romanticising murderers one way or another. emotion_yatta
Dinosaur Ejaculation Report | 10/29/2015 6:28 pm
Dinosaur Ejaculation
Its based off the Columbine Massacre and it portrays the killers who have been presented as "best friends" in the media as a gay couple, where in the end one shoots the other without a second thought. I've actually never seen Dexter by the way aha sweatdrop
Dinosaur Ejaculation Report | 10/29/2015 6:25 pm
Dinosaur Ejaculation
I know, but theres a different mindset to people who work with others and those who work alone, like Dahmer.
You can't romanticise working together with someone on things like murder because one thing you can't avoid is knowing that you can't trust anyone
Ever seen Elephant by Gus Van Sant?
Dinosaur Ejaculation Report | 10/29/2015 6:17 pm
Dinosaur Ejaculation
where do I even begin
but I find murder to be a lonely activity
hard tyo describe


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This picture is six years old. I don't picture well.
I probably dislike you.


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