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Little old me

Idk what to write...Well, I'm 17 and almost 18 and I'm now a Senior in high school <<that's pretty obvious. I'm kinda a pyro and I absolutely LOVE lighting stuff on fire because it is so cool!!! I'm also a gamer and a pretty good one if I do say so myself...except at first-person shooters. I suck at them
T-T I tried playing Halo, but I'm so horrible at it. I think that Final Fantasy games rock XD Oh, and just to throw this in here, Ninjas are way cooler than pirates!!! lol I play field hockey and I'd play street and ice, but sadly I can't skate --" And...I love watching anime because it's awesome. I'm also starting to listen to Japanese and German music.


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nightmareO_O Report | 09/13/2010 1:31 pm
Copy and paste this message to ten profiles. Got that? Now, in the next 5 minutes, press the f5 button, to refresh your page. You should have a blue gift-box getting high around your screen, flying all over the place. In which, there should be an Ancient Katana, or a CoCo the Kitty Plushie.
Xx_AznCooki3Monst3r_xX Report | 09/04/2010 11:12 am
Woke up in a hospital bed. Scared because I couldn't move, I asked the doctor "What's going on?" He said "You don't remember? It all happened at school." He told me "Your friend had a problem with some people at school and was almost shot - you jumped in front of them and took the bullet yourself. Lucky you didn't die. You're going to be ok, though, so don't worry." Now I think to myself 'I'm happy I took that bullet for you, because it would've hurt even more to see you lying in this hospital bed." Send this to your best friends that you would take a bullet for... I would take a bullet for you any day!
Xx_AznCooki3Monst3r_xX Report | 07/20/2009 1:41 pm
hi ! i am your sister.
TriMoon_of_Seldon Report | 05/29/2009 7:15 pm
i had a gf in 7th grade but then she moved and now she has a GF
TriMoon_of_Seldon Report | 05/25/2009 3:49 pm
wat u mean the whole me getting dumped thing she got pissed cause i wasnt able to talk to her a lot
Bolty_Puppy_Mee Report | 04/21/2009 11:50 am
heyz biggrin
Alice Cullen100 Report | 06/26/2008 4:33 pm
Alice Cullen100
hiya how are you?
Necrogoddess370 Report | 06/25/2008 2:41 pm
cupcakepryncess Report | 06/21/2008 1:34 pm
love your avi^^
Necrogoddess370 Report | 02/01/2008 1:52 pm
I'm doing great, how are you?



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