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Humans to Devils in a nutshell.

First you must understand the basic fact of ancient mythology, at the very bottom of the spiritual plane are human beings, we are cruel greedy and full of the seven sins. On the second level there are animals, they are considered spiritual because of there ability to live a life of simple eating, sleeping and reproducing. Even higher then that are plants, they don’t move simply stand in place ‘apparently’ quiet to one another. Now we come to the biggest controversy currently in this realm. What is a demon? And what is a Devil? Many religions like christanism will tell you that both are evil. But also many other cultures although fewer and less popular will tell you that demons are another biological animal, only that they avoid human contact and live in there worlds as guardians. Devils are things from hell just as ‘angels’ are things from heaven. Even though devils are essentially ‘evil’ they are still matching angels in the spiritual level and therefore unreachable by humans. What is reachable is demons, one can interact with a demon although depending on the demon you would probably end up dead or worse.
Demons are split up into to categories, the first is of course the demon who live completely on this plane giving them powers over other living things and natural disasters ‘such as a hurricane or red tied’. The second half is one that lives on two planes and can move between them at will. These are fairies and unlike common thought they do not influence anything on the earth, but they do enjoy trying to drag people down into there own world, once you are down there it is very hard to get out and impossible if you eat any of there food.


On the plus side, death is one of the few things that can be done just as easily lying down.



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