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Ever since Prisoner of Azkaban, I've been going there for the midnight showings. I actually don't think I've missed one yet, and I'm certainly not missing this!
Take accout of what you just said: Army is more likely to get killed or die. You can't enjoy enlisting bonuses if you're dead. And as for the ASVAB, I did not know that, and I didn't know you even had a brother. Good to know. XD
So are you still working at that one place? What else have you been up to? Do you still talk with Kyle?

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I definately recommend going to Ashland. Next year is going to be phenomenal, I think they're doing Hamlet, Henry IV Part 1 (one of my favorite plays, I actually did my term paper on in a few years ago), an adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Twelfth Night, and Merchant of Venice. I don't know who they've cast, but it's going to ROCK.
Maybe next year you'll be able to do more with Comic Con, if you're not being told by some scary, bald man with no life and no sense of humor to stop and give him 50...
I know what ASVAB is... I really do... but for the sake of making sure YOU know what it is, mind telling me what the heck that means?
Coast Guard is the most intense of them all, but you have the best chance of staying in the good ol' USA. Air Force has a conveniently placed base not too far from you, and Army... Don't do it. Nothing wrong with it per se, but just no.
I'm actually not too suprised Special Ops is closed to women. Is it right? Probably not. But that fact doesn't amaze me.
I was thinking of Colusa, the midnight showing. That can be up for debate though, if you'd like.

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You're going to Comic Con! Lucky! It sounds like your going with a really fun group who will most likely get mauled once people realized who you're dressed as.
What are you thinking about doing for the military? I hope not going overseas. I have a friend who was in a tank in Iraq for a year and a half, and since he got back, he hates beach volleyball courts because there's too much sand. I'd go for something computer related. And I'd also avoid the army, there's always a chance they'll put you in infantry, and that is NO BUENO. Try Navy. I have a friend who was a MP (Military Police) and later special ops for the Navy, and he loved it. He's always telling funs stories, including his time in Japan. Air Force is good, too, and we have a fantastic base not too far away from us (did you know that?). There is no doubt that you'll have great job security, unless Obama pulls everyone out of the Middle East, and then we'll have such an influx I'm not sure if the military will be able to handle any new recruits.
I know one job that, for the most part, always hiring: Law enforcement. I know the county in which I live (not the one that you live, the one across the bridge from you) is hiring deputies right now, and I've heard that the DEA is hiring as well. And you're set for LIFE if you get a job with the federal government.
Umm... what's new with me? You know abot the married part... I'm going to be done with college in about a year, which will be fun. I went to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival last weekend, and it was AWESOME. I saw Macbeth, Don Quixote, and Much Ado About nothing, and they were all phenomenal. My favorite by far, though, was Much Ado. I have never heard a crowd laugh that hard. The set for Don Quixote was all made out of found objects; the owls were made of canvas garden gloves, the buzzards were made of tires, the windmills were made of newspaper, and turned with a bike chain... someone had a lot of fun with that set. Macbeth was intense. Maybe I shouldn't have subjected my in-laws to that as their first play...
So Harry Potter is coming out in July. We need to go see he midnight showing together. Sound like a plan?
airplanes in the fog

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airplanes in the fog

Your avatar is AWESOME.

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Hey hun, how are you? I haven't heard from you in a while, and wanted to know how things are with you. What's new? What's Exciting? Who ARE the dislexic devil worshipers selling their souls to?
And just so you know, there is ALWAYS Blackfoot ;D
I love j00

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HEHEHEHE THATS AWSOME! i havnt seen so many fun ones...>_>

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cool lol......and did you know that live-evil ? lol

the opposite of live is evil! OMG lol >_> <_< yes...im odd lol

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you siggy caption acualy made me laguh out loud! cause im disleksic...or however its spelled >_>

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nice avi!

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Married life is pretty good so far. Kind of confusing, though, when people ask your name:

Person: What's your name?

Me: Elizabeth Lei- I mean, Mal---!

Person: ...?

Me: I just got married.

Person: Oh.

Other than that, things are pretty good. How are things with you? You still never gave me your number, we need to get together and do something, like go out to lunch, or see a movie and squeal like little fangirls.


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