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Report | 01/17/2014 3:26 pm

It Just Got Real

ill sell you a angelic sash 23mil
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Report | 01/08/2014 12:47 pm


Hello old friend. heart
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Report | 01/06/2014 8:30 pm

Devante X

Because we're both clearly awesome User Image
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Report | 01/05/2014 6:59 pm


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Report | 01/01/2014 5:42 pm


You'll get 'em. emotion_brofist
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Report | 01/01/2014 5:39 pm


I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. heart
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Report | 01/01/2014 9:32 am


It just takes some getting used to. But there is definitely room for turning a profit. And honestly, it's easier than it used to be. I haven't been really bothering with Exchanging at all (just buying stuff I want and selling stuff I don't want) and my account worth has more than doubled since I got my Halo. It's stupid how easy it is to make gold now.
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Report | 12/31/2013 6:23 pm


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Report | 12/31/2013 6:17 pm


I have spent a lot of time in the Chatterbox over the years.
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Report | 12/29/2013 7:39 pm


Yep. Kinda horrifying, right? sweatdrop

I don't know if they're tight on money or not. I do know they had to lay off a bunch of devs and now the devs aren't allowed to work on anything that doesn't pay for itself. That's why the games all have adds on them now. Someone floated the idea that they're planning to go public so they're trying to make themselves look as profitable as possible, but I dunno. A lot of the old staff has quit, including L0cke.
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Report | 12/29/2013 11:20 am


The condensed version is that they put the Halo in the cash shop for $1,000 and then gave out a few Halos as prizes for one of their new games. Then several months later they put NM Minis in the cash shop for $150 each (they were around 300m prior to that release). Then DJs (which were around 700m) for the same price - $150. Then they released some of the cheaper ones (Tail and OMG, iirc, for $150 and $75, respectively). But by then people weren't buying as well, I guess, 'cause when they released Griz and Panda into the cash shop - $150 each again - they put a discount on Panda that knocked it down to $100. I think they've released all of the '03s and maybe about half of the sought after '04s at this point and they've even released NM Minis more than once. They've also put Angelic Halo back in the cash shop a few more times and have discounted it down to $900 at least once.

Oh, they also released one of each non-art-Medal item from '03 and '04 (letters, event items including the original Easter Egg, everything) in auction format in Flynn's shop in the Marketplace.
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Report | 12/29/2013 10:01 am


Thanks! I'm just so glad I didn't buy a Panda Hat instead. It was rereleased right after I bought my Halo. emotion_sweatdrop
Exchanging's really not too bad. But prices fluctuate a lot more now than they used to so it's generally not a good idea to hang onto anything for too long (unless it has just been released or rereleased).
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Report | 12/29/2013 9:55 am


Nope. Bought it earlier this year. ^^
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Report | 12/22/2013 9:26 am

Ma Ajmala

that and they introduced this item that granted free money to people from like 250k to 250m

ya everything is cray cray
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Report | 12/22/2013 9:17 am

Ma Ajmala

honest to god so much has happened in the last 6 months.
contest for halos
selling 2003 items for 75 to 150 bucks
halos for sale at 1000 bucks
items that put out 2003 items, etc, to name a few

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Report | 12/22/2013 8:58 am

Ma Ajmala

ya everything is crazy

2003s arent hot anymore

and yes i got one. im just not wearing it right now rofl
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Report | 11/03/2013 4:27 pm


I dunno, I don't pay attention to re-releases anymore xD

I just come here to have fun and it doesnt concern collecting pixels - well besides THE TROLL whee
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Report | 09/04/2013 2:46 pm


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Report | 08/27/2013 7:48 pm


yeah no just new user ...·˙`˙·....·˙`˙·...♡
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Report | 07/31/2013 9:12 pm

chocolate drizzles

i only remember because you're the only one i helped. x'D you're welcome heart
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