~*~ A bit about EJ ~*~

AGE ~ 31

RACE ~ Mixed

LOCATION ~ California

STATUS ~ Taken





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Welcome to my profile. I am a web designer by trade, as well as a student working on my degrees in graphics and web design, as well as culinary arts. There's not much except basic info about me that you'll find on my profile, so don't go digging for intimate details about me and my life here. I use to be EJGundam1, then The Ronin Leo EJ, then Atomisk Lelouch, and am now known as Native Alter EJ-Kun. So anyway, read on if you want. It may bore the hell out of you though....>>

HOBBIES ~ Web design, martial arts, making anime music videos, surfing the net, graphic design, art, drawing now and then, singing to myself, anything computer related, repairing electronics, cruising the mall, hanging out with friends, going to school, cooking, church activities, music design and basically anything else that sounds good to me at the time, as long as it's fun and won't get me in a world of trouble...XD

LIKES ~ anime, anything Japanese, Asian culture, martial arts movies, sci-fi shows, doctor dramas, comedies, any kind of good sounding music, furries, good food, video games, DDR, designing wallpapers, RPing, and a whole list of other stuff...

DISLIKES ~ dishonesty, bad breath, mean people, making others cry, bitter melon, rudeness, bad attitudes, people who THINK they're EMO, but really AREN'T, broken hearts, snoring, that really dark red frosting on cake, (it's all bitter and GROSS...>_< wink and just anything else that generally bugs the crap out of me. the biggest thing I dislike is people who think they know someone, yet they don't truly know a thing about them, and completely miss the same kind of crap that they do, but point it out when other people do it....>>

SEARCHING FOR ~ My purpose in this life, as well as the one who shall complete me. someone who knows what true love means, and knows it never dies or fades. I believe in true, everlasting love, and I hope to find someone who feels and loves as deep and the same way as I do.