Name: Nathan Wolfgang Vitale.

Age:17- 28

DOB: June 16th.

Height: 5’5

Weight: 130lbs.

Hair/Eye color: Black/brown.

Nicolas Vitale and Sherry Birkin.

Sibling(s): Vexxine Willow Vitale.

Nathan was born on June 16th, to Nick Vitale and Sherry Birkin, and is the older brother to Vexxine Vitale. Nathan shares both attributes of his mother and father, but more of his father than the two. Nathan and Vexxine were close growing up, but it wasn’t long until the two siblings were torn away from their family.

After the death of their father, Nick, the two children were abducted and taken in by Umbrella operatives due to the shared genes of their father, and the shared virus of their mother. Both their births went unnoticed by top officials, but fortunately for the first six years of their lives the entire family was able to go into hiding. It wasn’t until an unfortunate slip up from their father—that shortly followed in his death—that they were found and brought into a secret underground bunker Umbrella Co. had built and running years after their alleged downfall.

Upon arrival both siblings were separated, and Nathan was undergone many painful experiments until his genes were deemed worthless by all of Umbrella’s top scientists. Given the choice of his freedom or joining as an agent, Nathan reluctantly agreed to the latter, of course with ulterior motives in mind.

He had undergone basic training yet showed no promising abilities or skills that would land him among the higher ranking agents, and taking his young age into consideration, Umbrella officials agreed he’d join their recon team. Despite his plans to undermine the Umbrella Corporation and vows to put an end to their wicked deeds, Nathan soon lost sight of those ambitions and settled into the unwanted life he was thrust into at a young age.