little excerpt from my Vampire ficcy.

Have you ever craved the light of day? Ever wished to feel the warm embrace of the world during the day again? I do, I wish for it everyday just to feel warmth again, to feel it burning my cheeks to feel the sweat from the heat of the day making its way down my body.
I was told once that I was like a fading flower, wiltering away under the moonlit sky. My nights once so filled with life now long, agonizingly slow and lonely. That is why I craved the feeling of warm flush flesh against mine, the feeling of hot searing kisses that warmed up my cold as death skin.
Oh how I was jealous of your sun kissed skin, the tan that covered your body. I was jealous that the sun loved you and lavished you with soft sweet kisses on your nose, cheeks and shoulders. I was cast out the sun once caring now harsh and careless too my snow-white skin.
But most of all.
I craved you.

My name is Natalie Giles, when pronouncing Giles, think of the professor Giles off Buffy.
I'm Natty Gee to my hommies and Nattybee to my close friends.
I'm fairly easy to get along with people.
I'm modest.
I'm not going to eat you- talk to me!
My favourite shows are Dr. Who and Supernatural.
I'm single.
And I love it.
I'm a whole 16 years old.
I'm born in December- 12 days before Christmas, hence where the name came from.
I love ready, taking picture, drawing and writing.

My best friends are: Gillybby, Sammy, JessJess, Fozza
and Sha
This is my profile.
And you can comment any time, I'll try to comment back!


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Random rammblings.

Rawr, kiss mah a** bitches.

Just me.



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Random comment!

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Get off my Natawees account, hacking scum! D< Well at least you can't take her items, Nyah nyah. We got the trades and gifting frozen. So suck on that.

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Lust 007

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Lust 007

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Stop ******** using my account you asswipe.

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Tell me what you cherish most..

Moron! Brats like you made Gaia what it is today.=|
Give me the pleasure of taking it away.
Fenimore Valens

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Fenimore Valens

Good try with the fake page
l  Sir Vanity  l

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l Sir Vanity l


User Image Cute avi!



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I miss you too Nattee baby <333

Are you busy at all this week?

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xD I think it says blub half way through that lol


Big trouble loosing control,
Primary resistance at a critical load,
On the double gotta get a hold,
Point of no return a second to go,