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Being a grownup is weird...
Good gosh did this ever need an update, hello to whoever happens to look to read this, my name is Natalya, I'm a twenty something lesbian with communication issues... By that I mean to say I have a form of Aphonia, or the inability to produce sound, also known as being mute I'm however familiar with both American and British sign language, and can understand a few languages myself. I spent most of my life dealing with several intense psychological fears, such as Androphobia, or fear of men as well as several others due to an incident I experienced as a child, however I work hard to move past this, and better myself where I can. I generally believe that trying your best to be good to others is important, and I always do my best to be kind and listen to others. I am on f-list if you're the type to want just chat, as well as discord which I'll leave here. Natalya The Rabbit #2469

Natty The Rabbit Today
Today, I've been the bunny you see all over this profile for ten years now, It's had many different incarnations, and a smattering of different designs, however I've aged along with her, and I feel it's important to acknowledge our pasts, so I'll leave my old profile entry down below. For those avid readers you can see Natty's modern iteration, aka an anthro furry, over to your left and I'll leave an face shot of the newest version right here.

Spoiler, Everything from here on down is my original profile back from my early days on gaia, feel free to read.

Outdated Info Left For Prosperity.
Hi, my name is Natalya I am very young and a lesbian. I have Androphobia, Agoraphobia, and Autophobia. I don't like leaving my house often and I find some of my fears are easier to face on the internet my mind causes me to avoid men normally... so I'm sorry if I ignored you. I am a writer of romance stories and I play the harp...

Natalya the Rabbit
My character is more or less modeled after me, Natty the Rabbit is quiet but good to her friends and most are not aware of her somewhat unusual combat abilities. She is a master of Kuroashi no Waza* is a soccer player, dancer as well as a musician. She wears a chain mail under her clothes for protection and has come to the point where she does not feel the weight of it. Even with her combat skills she has a pacifist view of violence and prefers to avoid it.

*Black Leg Technique also known as Capoeira

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New Age Natalya
This was my attempt to age Natalya the Rabbit quite a bit the curls at the tips of her hair have stayed the same though the color itself has faded early from the after affect of her powers, her gloves have been sown into her sleeves, and she has tried to stop from fighting by working in the Mobian library. Her powers have affected her life more so then she ever wanted them too. Her eye's were affected the most going from their normal orange, to a mix between her normal and light form eyes, and the trauma has caused her to need glasses. She's learned to tolerate power warp though she covers her stripes, to avoid showing them warping. She's a bit thinner, but she still has the same capability she always had in combat with even more control of her power when she was younger.


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I just want to write in this...


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-WhiteAlbum- Report | 02/14/2017 2:43 pm
I'm glad you're hanging in there. ^^ If you ever need to talk to anyone, I ish here for yew. o u o
-WhiteAlbum- Report | 02/13/2017 3:12 pm
Hey, happy date of birth. o u o
Hope all is well with you.
Doctor Gaster Report | 02/04/2017 4:38 pm
Doctor Gaster
Ah yes quite a lot has happened since back then. It's been a long time since I was known as Scourge the Hedgehog... I haven't seen most of the Sonic gang since then either. All have mostly moved on. What do you meant losing your voice completely? What happened? Is everything alright?
Doctor Gaster Report | 02/02/2017 8:10 pm
Doctor Gaster
Natty?! Oh my... It's been a long long time since I've heard from you! How have you been?
Sophie The Hedgehog Report | 01/07/2015 11:15 pm
Sophie The Hedgehog
;//7//; Me too! I am here for you! heart
FIanoir Report | 01/07/2015 10:51 pm
Hello! owo It's nice to meet you! And sure, I would be glad to talk any time uwu you're welcome to comment/PM me whenever!
Bearded Senpai Report | 11/29/2014 5:42 am
Bearded Senpai
Lesbian Boyfriend Report | 01/13/2014 10:17 am
Lesbian Boyfriend
Happy Birthday you beautiful girl <3 I hope I'm not a day late TnT If I am, I'm so sorry. I suck. But I hope it is/was wonderful. <3
goatskav Report | 11/20/2013 5:44 pm
You have my name O:

Me name is Natalya X3
User 28787899 Report | 10/08/2013 6:37 pm
User 28787899
I believe I complimented you a while back ago.
So I don't remember what I said.
I'm sorry!


[img:a2fb8794eb][/img:a2fb8794eb] [img:a2fb8794eb][/img:a2fb8794eb]
May it be...

Queen Roze Robotnik
mixed blood tanuki

Samantha wonders
where my sig is.

Look at that technique! Lil Natty practicing kicks.


I'm on Gaia?

The are pictures of Natty
everywhere on this profile!

Light Chaos Form

Drawn for
me by

Teenage Natty on a Swing!

First Full Body Ever!

Natty On The Harp!

Courtesy of BunnyRabbit003

Natalya in her Light Chaos Form

Natty showing true beauty.

A Sonic Hero-ish Natty!

Run lil Natalya!

A collection of my Natty Avatars!

A good friend and
a truly wonderful person!
I adore Miss Sally!

A great friend I enjoy
talking to this person!

A good friend.

iSecret did this lovely one.

10 Years Later, I'm still the same Rabbit, just a slightly more mature feel these days.

There was a pony phase at one point I think it's cute but, it has passed from my focus still something to share!

And introducing my Natty based fakemon, Lumine, Lumihair, and Lapilite!