Hi!! biggrin for whoever has stumbled across my profile... I'm Nataii smile nice to meet you! teehee!
Im currently a poor college student, at the good ol' North Idaho College. 3nodding
My interests include photography, writing, drawing, hiking, swimming, and animals. smile
I've got lotsa favorite bands ranging from alternative, to hip-hop, to hard rock biggrin
Nice ta meet ya! 3nodding


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Me Random Things

Erm.. i enjoy writing poems and ... yeah so... this is just random things.



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Report | 09/25/2013 2:50 am


crying HOW COULD YOU FORGET crying


I did too. xd wink

But anyways; hello mi amiga! biggrin heart What are the odds of you logging in again so I can leave another response that's about a year or two off? dramallama

Don't keep me waiting (that's my job! razz ),


Report | 01/21/2012 10:23 pm


Mi amiga Nataii! heart It's me, Jewels. blaugh I hope to hear back from you on here - even after the careful consideration of your last login date. wink Ta-ta! rofl *Rolls off into the sunset*
Kate T McKat

Report | 07/27/2011 12:20 am

Kate T McKat

hey...how DARE you have a Birthday withOUT Kate!! GOSH!
but ye have to come ON to get them!! cool
heart Hope You are Well & Happy & Safe & Hope yer Birthday was GRANDE!! heart
Kate T McKat

Report | 06/19/2011 7:48 pm

Kate T McKat

eek Miss Nataii! *blink blink* eek R U ... ON?!! eek
heart *HUG!* heart
Kate T McKat

Report | 12/24/2010 1:03 am

Kate T McKat

oh Miss Nataii...yer too funny! yes...nearly improbable story...but still kinda sweet! wink heart cool & yes...he so should have slowed the ******** down!! evil
redface oh...sorry...my language... rolleyes
hey Sweet Miss Nataii...I am going down to Long Beach 2morrow to visit my Mom & Sister & Brother so ifin I do not get ON...HAPPY HAPPY CHRISTMAS TO YOU & YOURS!! I am SO Glad that I have gotten to meet you & Friend you & know you! I often tell my hubbie & co-workers of my Fiesty Little GaiaFriend Nataii! U R Special & it is an Honor to be counted among yer Friends...R.L. or Gaia! heart cool heart
Be Well...Be Happy...Be Safe & I will Chat again with you soon! Good Nite, Sweet Dreams & may yer Christmas Wishes be Granted! heart
Kate T McKat

Report | 12/15/2010 11:44 pm

Kate T McKat

ahhh...Glad yer feelin' a bit better sweetie! U stay under that blankie & keep warm & sleep! sorry I missed ye...but I hope yer sleeping now...as I will soon!
Hubbie & I made the Holiday Pumpkin Rolls 2nite...one for work...the Holiday Feasting is 2morrow...& one for my Family's Christmas Eve Feast! May have to make one more for our Friends The Neff's Christmas Day Feast. yummy! & GOOD NEWS!! Got the letter from the Lab saying my last breast screening came back CLEAR!! ONE YEAR now Cancer FREE!! YEAAAA!! & I also got my 15 Year Anniversary Gift Pickin' Packet from Panavision! 15 YEARS at ONE JOB!! WHEW!!
OK...gotta go get the laundry outta the dryer...I know...laundry on a WEEKDAY?!! but we were gone TWO weekends in a row so...
K...Nite Nite & Catch U L8TR Miss Nataii!! heart HUGS!! heart
Kate T McKat

Report | 12/14/2010 3:56 pm

Kate T McKat

oh...sorry yer not feeling well Miss Nataii! boo & hoo!! sad I could fix ye a nice hot cup o' tea...that might help ye feel better!!
& Ooo...yes...a Nice Game o' Black Jack is Nice...I Played Black Jack with The Grown UPs at Primm!! & WON!! cuz usually I just Play my Munsters Slot Machine...WON there TOO!! Came back with the same $100.00 I took out to Gamble with! yeaaa mee!! rofl
do not know "Beach"...but hear of it LOTS around here! *hands you a hot cup of tea & puts a soft warm throw over your legs* here...you drink this & just relax...watch yer show...& I'll check back in on U later! OK? OK! heart *HUG* heart
Kate T McKat

Report | 12/14/2010 3:37 pm

Kate T McKat

*POUNCE* HI MISS NATAII!! heart heart heart How's Things? How's Finals? How's yer poor leg! *kisses knee...not too creepily* heart heart heart
Kate T McKat

Report | 12/14/2010 1:36 am

Kate T McKat

tee hee... 4laugh U called me "missy moo"...how cute is that?!! rolleyes I met one of mah FAV G.F.s when she WAS a Little Cow...at Summer Camp...Rich Camp of COURSE & she was saying..."FREE STEAK" & she fetched me a cocktail at the piano bar cuz I had given my Man Giles the Day OFF & anywayzzz...I heart Cows! & yes...I DO tend 2 stay ON way too late!! sweatdrop eek rolleyes & sometimes am ON when hubbie gets up for work at like 4ish AM!! eek silly
& Pumpkin Roll won't kill U or the Cat...it is just the most yummyness EVER! & I do NOT know why hubbie & I only make it for The Holidays cuz it is canned pumpkin...baked w/(or without if U insist!) chopped nuts into a thin cake...turned out onto a kitchen towel spinkled w/powdered sugar & rolled (WITH the towel) to cool...then unrolled & spread cream cheese & vanillia onto the inside (nuts & now infused powdered sugar outside) then re-roll withOUT the towel & wrap in foil & FREEZE untill Serve Time then slice & ENJOY!! SO GOOD!! & HEY...GET BETTER & CAREFUL on the ICE!! eek heart sweatdrop
Kate T McKat

Report | 12/03/2010 3:04 am

Kate T McKat

p.s ~ I'll tell ye about Pumpkin Roll l8tr...quite Special & YUMMYYYYYY!! NITE!!