here some sutff about me......

hi my real name is Mile. im 14 year old and imma tell u some good and bad stuff/thing about me. i was born in nov. 13 1993. i like 2 play video game and watch t.v. i like 2 read naruto and manga/anime book. my favorite food is thai food and also im thai. i hav the best cousin in THE WORLD!!!!! i love him soo mush and his name is bob. i hav 1 other thing but dont wanan tell u XD. i also like song that make me think.i also like 2 work out bc it fun.i dont hav a lot or a little bit of friend and i dont even no if there my friend sometime. i am also a shy person and HATE my LITTLE SIS ,she is also annoy. im a nic guy and other people say that im a funny person. i
um ill accept and buddy invite so add me 2 ur buddy

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Demonic Anklets
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Sword of Aegis
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DEMON You are very, very hurt, misunderstood and alone.
A Demon could be born a Demon, or could have been once a Human and changed into a Demon from sadness. People think all Demons are evil. But they are not. A Demon suffers from sadness and they watch time pass them by. They are always in the shadows watching people living.

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You're a teenager! You try to live it up every moment you can. You're trendy and unique, but tend to get a little crazy at times. You're a great friend but can be really annoying and immature sometimes. Overall everyone loves you for you, and you know it and never forget that! Don't get too obnoxious, because that's what's turning off alot of people that could've been your friends. F-U-N spells you out and your rebellious and daring behavior is what everyone cherishes.

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You follow your head. You are coolheaded, logical, and cautious. To some people you seem cold, but you are very trustworthy and keep situations under control because you don't panic easily and think quickly when it counts.

You're a teenager! You try to live it up every moment you can. You're trendy and unique, but tend to get a little crazy at times. You're a great friend but can be really annoying and immature sometimes. Overall everyone loves you for you, and you know it and never forget that! Don't get too obnoxious, because that's what's turning off alot of people that could've been your friends. F-U-N spells you out and your rebellious and daring behavior is what everyone cherishes.

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What type of Fae are you?

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You are a Dark Angel!
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You are the Angel of Love
You care for your family and friends deeply
Sometimes you are over protective and sometimes that pushes your loved ones away but they know that you care and thats all that matters

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Your Love Type: INFJ
The Protector

In love, you strive to have the perfect relationship.
For you, sex is nearly a spiritual experience, a bonding of souls.

Overall, you have high expectations for any relationship you're in.
However, you tend to hold back a part of yourself.

Best matches: ENTP and ENFP


You have low extroversion.
You are quiet and reserved in most social situations.
A low key, laid back lifestyle is important to you.
You tend to bond slowly, over time, with one or two people.


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You work hard not to rock the boat. Your easy going attitude brings people together.
At times, you can be a little flaky and irresponsible. But for the important things, you pull it together.

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here the 1 i wrote:
darkness start 2 take me over,
what should i do? leave it alone or fight back
looking deep into my eyes u see sadness,
u see loneliness, sitting there by the corner of my inner self,
only the 1 who have my heart is able 2 free me,
tear from my eyes start 2 fall,
1 kiss shall bring me back,

Friends Forever!
Written with a pen
Sealed with a kiss
If you are my friend,
Please answer this:

Are we friends or are we not?
You told me once,
But I forgot..
So tell me now and tell me true,
So I can say, I am here for you.

Of all the friends I've ever met,
You're the ones I won't forget..
And if I die before you do,
I'll go to Heaven
And wait for you.

ur the girl i want 2 spent my life with,
ur the 1 i love, of all the girls there r,
ur the only 1 i want 2 be with,seeing u
bring tear and happyness 2 my life,

of all the girls i no ur the prettiest,
ur the nicest girl i hav ever met,
it seem like ur 1 of god most precious

sitting here in my room thinking of u,
whether u think of me or not,
i shall tell u this, i have feel the lose of u,
the flame u have put in my hearts has already start 2 fade,
i try 2 be strong but the pain is taking over,
dont no how long i can last, but saying ur name help me move on,
not from u,but the candle in me, the more i call ur name,
the more the candle start to flicker, 1yr down 2yr to go,
hope my heart can last that long and not move on,

this feeling in my heart is a feeling that even i cant understand,
it not the feeling of love nor pain, or even the sadness,
it a feeling that i cant express or get the right feel of it,
i want to breathe, but my chest feel stiff,
what kind of feeling is this, is this the feeling of death...

song i wrote:
i saw u walking in the rain with that pretty eyes. as u walk pass me i could smell the flower in ur clothes. saw u looking into my eyes and i felt the love that was so strong. i walked up to u and i jsut had to ask for ur name. the very first time i heard ur voice it was like an angle was talking to me. in that pouring rain...

You Are 28% Evil

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A bit of evil lurks in your heart, but you hide it well.
In some ways, you are the most dangerous kind of evil.

1. At least 2 people in this world love you so much they would die for u.

2. At least 15 people in this world love u in some way.

3. The only reason anyone would ever hate u is because they want to be just like you.

5. Every night, SOMEONE thinks about u before they go to sleep.

6. You mean the world to someone.

7. If not for you, someone may not be living.

8 .You are special and unique.

9. Someone that you dont even know exists loves you.

10. When you make the biggest mistake ever, something good comes from it.

11. When you think the world has turned its back on you,take a look: You most likely turned your back on the world.

12. When you think you have no chance of getting what you want, you probably wont get, but if you believe in yourself, probably, sooner or later, you will get it.

13. Always remember the compliments you received. Forget about the rude remarks.

14. Always tell someone how you feel about them: you will feel much better when they know.

15. If you have a great friend, take the time to let them know that they are great.

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Your element is Rain: Sad, lonely, distant and unique. You are quite distant from emotion and people, but you have been made this way by one thing or another. You are truly unique yet fail to see it and are quite creative be it in art, music, writing, ect.. You used to let people in now you don't even bother to try, having been hurt so many times in the past. Your attitude is that you don't need anyone but yourself, people are just trouble waiting to happen. But you really do want to trust someone no matter if you see it or not, deep down your waiting for someone to come and set you free. This kind of depression can turn dangerous, don't let them get to you. Not everyone in the world will hurt you. Humans are humans and are not perfect. So most likely sooner or later you'll meet someone who feels like you do and perhaps your shell will eventually disappear.

You are the self-sacrificing. Your biggest weakness is you would rather sacrifice everything than see someone sad. You'd give anything you could to see someone smile, even if it's a stranger. A little giving spirit is a good thing, but too much can wear you down. Make sure you get what you need, too, and don't give too much of your life away to other people. They'll be fine without you watching over them every minute.

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you love to help, you can't bared someone suffering, you give hope and caml to the world

what i like 2 do:
play video game
watch t.v
listen 2 music
work out
hang out with my friends
play with my friends
and some other thing i cant remeber

what i hate 2 do:
reads(except for manga and other cartoon books)
i think that it?

what sport i like:

what movies i like and watch:
prince of tennis
blood plus
and some other stuff

game i like to play or use 2 or still do:
flyff(fly for fun)
and other online game

music i listen 2:
all except for rap

You are still in mourning
It's healthy to mourn the loss of a relationship, but it's not healthy to put your life on hold or to become paralyzed by the pain to the point of obsession, depression or unproductiveness. Just as someone grieves the death of a loved one, you may be experiencing the five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and finally acceptance. While you move through these stages at your own pace, you will probably feel the hurt and sadness. But to better facilitate the healing process in order to get the acceptance stage, it's always best to avoid getting in contact with your ex, avoid obsessive behaviors and lean on the people in your life who love you and are there for you. You have to want to be able to move on, and to do that, you must put your best interests in the forefront and let your words and actions mimic that. Take it one day at a time and soon you can be on the road to recovery yourself.


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happy birthday tomorrow!
HardxCore Flavored Candii

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HardxCore Flavored Candii

You were on my friend's list so I thought I'd let you know that I made a new account,

You should add it.


It's Nudelhirsch.

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Hey try this trick out send this to at least ten profiles then press f5 to get 10,000 gold.

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hey dude u in shadow clan cooooool im in tooo coooool

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....u mean my quiz answers....idiot User Image

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i have alot of pictures on it, which one?

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???? what

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mwuahahaha xD anyong! ^^

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Haha your gay now. X3

Just like your little computer screen.

Haha. You love your new oufit dont you?

*pokes your fake boobie*

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uhhhhhh.......uhhhhhhh......uhhhhhhh......uh..uh gud xD



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