love this vid haha (sasuke is joey)

another joey vid :)


I'm sick of crying,

Tired of trying,

Yeah I'm smiling,

But inside I'm
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some of mii fav bands and song lol i might of 4got some oopsy:)

Unable to identify Vimeo video URL.

its joey

Itachi is a superstar (lol)

ino is an ugly girl (lol jk)

*thinks um... yeah i do*have u ever answerd any of these qustins i have i said yes 2 all of them

gaara-im just a kid (this song fits him so well and meh)

hidden village idol lol

sasuke and then problem

pretty fly for a white guy amv-naruto the ending is funny

this vid is so true even tho im in middle skool♥




the emo kid song i got this off gaara of the waters pro lol

there is life out side ur apt

happy song




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¨°º¤ø„¸Simple Plan ¸„ø¤º°
,¸„ø¤º°¨ R0CKS wink
ok be4 i get started mii name is corrina but plz call meh riku
being alone is like life without friends,
it's like life without family,
its like life without u in it,
its like life without love,
this is the way people feel when they r alone,
i know because i am alone,
and it hurts to be alone all the time,
u just want to die,
because no one is with u,
try to think how we feel being all alone,
it hurts so think how lucky u r to never be alone

i hope u enjoyed that little letter thats so very true
well i could have many but pics that would tell u who and wat i like and dislike but im not ganna show those HAHA! i dont beleave i like the jobros or wat ever u want 2 call them bc of there music but the way they look joe and nick jonas r HOT! srry kevin smile well 2 every 1 who nos meh in rl and has kown me 4 a long time IM NOT ******** GOTH! i like 2 cus (or how ever u spell it f.y.i idc!) i hate haters and bitches (//.^) lol some of my friends call meh emo but not the emo that cuts her self but the part that does not ya not all emos cut them selfs 2 lat u no i dont takethat afensif i HATE PRISCILLA CORNA! or how ever u spell her last name idc um...
um...thats pretty much all mii status
so ya lol mii bffs: are jonathan gilley,evelynn garcia,emerly 4got her last name oopsy friends:ryan sixberry,nick,kevin,anthony,alura, dont thinki 4got any 1 if i did its prob i dont no u well um... o ya IM LOOKING FOR LOVE!!!!
TeeHee i 4got one person 4 friends and bff alura hennifer
i no u think im 4getting a lot of stuff cause i just keep on poping up and saying stuff but i get bored smile lol well u all no the shoe and books "Naruto" well if u did not all ready no or notice i love ♥gaara♥&♥naruto♥&♥sasuke♥ ok so it goes in order from gaara then sasuke then naruto srry naruto so ya y i like gaara best well idk hes hot we no that but uh...idk ppl say there is nothing about him 2 like well i like alot of stuff aout him everything about him smile i mean he seams like such a d**k well sasuke 2 but gaara is more of one but anyway idk i feel srry for all of them but the way gaaras life is um...idk i got no idea were im going wit this so smile bye bye ppl who read ppl's pros smile
every one plz suscribe 2 mii jornal or viset it every so often plz smile thanck you♥☺☻
well HYPER ACTIVE TOATS!!! so well im a DARK PERSON!dadadana *gets quiet* lol im silly 2 i suck at spelling i might of all ready said that im forgetful smile um i like 2 pertend im not alone in the world everything will always be ok and that mii friends really do think of meh as a friend not just as some person i dont really think they think i am there firned but the always say they r so thats all i really no for now about them untill they betray meh like priscilla and every one else like her and if u want 2 no the way she acts *whispers u dont want 2 no* then go 2 mii jornal and i have an entry some were in there about her *giggles* well i dont hate her but i dont like mii MOM!!srry 2 her but i finally got her permion 2 were makeup FINNALY!!!so ya i will be adding more 2 this the older i get 2 gaia is because everyday some one findes somthing new about them o ya im a BRAT!!if u no wat i mean *wink wink* lol jk but i am a brat smile lol i hang out wit the same ppl i did all mii live i got the same friends nd s**t so ya o u all no the song "high school never ends" by: bowling for soup ya even tho im not in high school the song still is true it relates to all the years ive ben in school im 2 young 2 be on gaia shhhhh dont tell any one smile lol o ya i dont smile often theres not really a reson 2 unless of cordd ur able 2 make meh lagh but eh...for most ppl thats hard i will lagh at ur pain haha lol so thats an easy way smile u may think all of theses smiley faces like this one -----> smile is meh smileying or somthing its not it looks like a evil face thats y im useing it lol smile i laugh wen i make things funny but i do smile wen im being RANDOM only wen its meh most of the time tho or if i like like u like a crush or somthing or u r just a (suppoivley) good friend i will laugh and smile 4 u :0 if u hate meh i hate u if i hate u u prob hate meh smile thats just the way it is *makes a evil laugh* mii user name is naruto girl 999 bc i like naruto the book and show but that does not mean i dont like other anime i like a lot of diff anime nd go 2 mii jornal plz ppl i wanted this gaia 2 be one of the naruto girls but i couldnt pick so just put naruto girl 999 smile lol
i dont got many songs on mii play list cause i pick like 1,2, or 3 songs from some of mii fav bands so ya DONT JUGE MEH!!!!! nanananananana im ganna be a ninja 4 holloween im like the only girl that wants 2 and is willing 2 do it lol DONT LOOK AT MEH!!!!! nananananana ok here is sorta a pic it explains alot about meh but it for got i die mii hair alot or i did speacily during summer i got bored smile User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
You are a Badass Uke!
Other uke admire you, some seme fear you. Despite your sometimes flaming appearance, you can even fool other people into thinking you are seme with your mischievous, manipulative attitude, but when push comes to shove, your true submissive nature emerges. It takes a seme with enough intensity to challenge you and keep you satisfied, and your perfect match, the Don't ******** With Me Seme, knows that all that naughty teasing just means you want the punishment.
Most compatible with: Don't ******** With Me Seme, Chibi Seme
Least compatible with: Sadistic Seme, Romantic Seme
What seme or uke are you? Take the experience at, or find merchandise here.
y the hell does the shirt say bad boy or somthing with a boy im not a freakin boy (//_-) 98% of teens say "I love you" and don't mean it....if your the 2% that do, copy this in your sig.
I'm sick of crying,

Tired of trying,

Yeah I'm smiling,

But inside I'm
im not sure if in mii friends for bff's i put sarah church i i 4got im srry 2 her lol but u cant tell wat im like by mii playlist just saying but i wish i lived in japan i wish i was japaness nd spoke it (even if thats not how u spell it) im lerning how 2 speak it rit now lol mii mom thinks im ******** crazy just saying i seem as if im high everyday wen im at school or at home my music choce (wat ever) is not exactly like meh 2 most ppl by the way i look or act but i love the mysic i dont listen 2 most music in english i usally listen in in other launguges (WAT EVER!) like japaness (WAT EVER!!) i useally watch the vidoes in other launguges with the words in english on youtube first so i eventually memerize the words in englis and the laungug so then i now new words in a diff lango yay for meh smile i like to perted smile alot lol im well i will not tell u mii age u must ask nd im must no ur age first just in case ur older then meh wich u prob r smile lol redface u dont get 2 no mii crushes redface lol or most of the celeberteys i think r howt who r guys of couse no bi or lezbo no afens 2 the ppl who r redface i like online quizes lol
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i have the semeuke thing on mii about meh so many times bc it shows the many sides of meh
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stupid quiz said i am goth plz
da awsome ninja
greenday ninja guy
naruto girl 999
Lady Miko Kikyo
lizzy girl999

mii moods