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nitori kohai Report | 03/05/2014 8:43 pm
nitori kohai
i didn't want to hijack the girl's thread so i'm commenting here but omg that paper on tablet advice. thank you for sharing that!
[ estuary ] Report | 02/20/2014 3:33 am
[ estuary ]
Your shoulders are amazing
RoboticUnicornSwag Report | 11/03/2012 6:06 am
well I'm glad I didn't ruin your day or anything heart
RoboticUnicornSwag Report | 11/03/2012 6:02 am
gonk I'm... sorry?
Roots Radicals Report | 09/14/2012 7:33 am
Roots Radicals
the roots, the radicals wink
disabledaccount0069 Report | 08/31/2012 8:33 am
pipe, its cool
keito melfina Report | 08/10/2012 8:38 am
keito melfina
Thanks to the Internet I bet lol. That's how it happened for me xD
keito melfina Report | 08/10/2012 8:17 am
keito melfina
Nice Isaac Amisov quote. And you're good looking (no offense dude) lol.
Ganja Face Report | 04/10/2012 2:26 pm
Ganja Face
Random Comment Love!
I Chase the Green Fairy Report | 12/20/2011 1:07 pm
I Chase the Green Fairy
Oh god, yes, I'm not stereotyping that it's not well written. Hell, even while I'm not interested in it at all, some hip-hop and rap are even surprisingly well written. Hell, the Distillers, Rancid, Bad Religion... OM NOM NOM NOM. And my favorite punk song period ever is "We are 138" by the misfits. It's our party song. We live on NE 138th Ave. XD God damn you. Now I feel the need to listen to some punk. I like to start off with Makeshift Patriot by Sage Francis. <333333 SHOOT! Gimme sommint good that I probably haven't listened much. I demand this. My punk momma's at the doctors for the day, and she's my only friend that's awake at this hour. XD Most everyone else stays asleep till 8pm.

Just so you know.