About me:
Hi there! You may call me Norris (they/them), nb queer.
I'm a digital artist, drawing mainly fantasy or sci-fi as my interest lies within that subject.
Please check out my gallery below!

My interests:
I've been drawing in my whole life, and I'm always obsessed with a topic that I carry on for a few years.
I was fortunate enough to meet a group through my friend who plays Dungeons & Dragons, and it inspires me to create new characters.
Through sharing ideas with my friend, I also rediscovered the joy of writing, though those are only for my own amusement.
Due to work I have little free time, but sometimes I sitll play video games, or listen to podcasts/streams.
Another important thing I can't live without is: music. My taste is very varied, and nowadays I listen to power metal and folk/atmopheric. But I also like retro-/synthwave and whatever I find interesting.

What I'm into right now:
Critical Role, Dimension 20 (dnd show), Hades (game), Brothers of Meta, Gloryhammer (band), DnD/Starfinder homebrew game hosted by me