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Hm. I guess I have an art shoppe now, according to RL friends and Online friends.
I'll go by how many I have on Tinierme and on Gaia online. Two requests on both sites (giving me 4 to work on). One there are 4, you'll have to reserve a spot. First 4 slots open 7/11/10.
I'm not good with pricing (seeing as I haven't used this site in forever) but here goes nothing.
Pricing is as follows:
Full body: 3k?
Hips/waist up: 2k?
Shoulders/head: 1k
chibi: 1.5k? xD

Full body: 5k?
Hips/waist up: 4k?
Shoulders/head: 3k?
Chibi: 2k I guess I also accept items off my wishlist, talk to me before you offer, okai?
Message me what you'd like and give me a GOOD reference. I do OC's, Avi's, anything, really. But the avi's can't be too cluttered. Don't be surprised if I reject your request, it'd be because of the ref or what you done itself, things like that...
So, PM/MM me please?

Mutilating Insanity: Bluebird's Illusion

Daisuke Aikihiko is a 17 year old boy with a rather shocking appearance: Long silver/purple hair, golden eyes and cute fluffy cat ears, including a tail.
His mother died when he was six and shortly after wards his father began to beat on him and curse at him for his appearance and blaming him for the incident with the death. Ever since then, Yosuke, Daisuke's caring and sensitive older brother protected him with all of his being. Little did Daisuke know that his father wasn't the only one up to no good.
When Daisuke moves out of the house, he meets Masaru Hoshi, a 26 year old high school teacher with a strange and wavering presence about him. This man not only reveals to Daisuke his love for him, but also a virtual world called ELYSIA that is in danger of new threats and viruses. Masaru tells Daisuke that he is the third member, replacing the recently fallen member, Nomi, whose appearance was not much different from Daisuke's. Masaru practically begs for Daisuke to take the job.
Daisuke accepts the dangerous offer, so now he not only has to deal with threats to him in the virtual world and in real life, but he also has to decide if he loves Masaru as much as the man loves him.

Main Virus

The main virus on the online game ELYSIA, the world Daisuke and the others must protect, not only causes players to take real damage, but also die if their character dies. As he death rates go up, so does the organization's concerns. This virus causes your player to take real damage, in some cases death. You can feel the ground beneath you and the winds in your hair, but you can also feel the cold thick blade piercing your body.

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Rocker Virus Report | 08/20/2010 11:38 am
Rocker Virus
Imouto, Cute Avi

Narineko Emihara

Narineko Emihara's avatar

Birthday: 04/27


Name: Narineko Emihara (I refuse to give my real name...I don't really like it).

Nicknames: Nana, Nari, Nariko, Narik, Hoshi, Star, Imouto(by very few....), Onee-chan(again by few...), Aspire as well now... and tons more...feel free to call me what you like, as long as it doesn't piss me off. ;3

Hair color: Black, gonna be blue very soon...
Long in the front, short in the back~

Eye color: Blue/green

Likes: Drawing, reading, writing, horror movies, funny movies, odd music, German/Italian/Japanese music, comedy, sleeping...CANDYBETCH :U

Dislikes: Sour candy, spicy foods, chick flicks, romance movies(except...Titanic...), needles, spiders, being alone.

I'm random, spazzy, and fun to be with/talk to. Feel free to start a conversation with me, you might see to enjoy it. Of course, I can be serious if needed, but other than that, a little more laid back now-a-days. I love to draw, obviously anime/manga style. I do have places to improve...definitely...(likeeverywhere).

I do have quite a past behind me. Very few have been told, but I'm tired of people not knowing why I am the way I am.

I moved from Midland, Michigan to Bay City, Michigan when I was about 5. Had I stayed in Midland, my life would be just fine and dandy.

As soon as I got to my class, I knew it'd be hell. ONE person in the whole class talked to me, but even then it was very rarely, so I was alone. Everyone looked to me as if I was different, and always stared at me, as if waiting for me to do some kind of trick for them. They believed me to be unfit to linger in their presence, and that's when it got worse.

Everyone believed I was small and weak, emotionally and physically, so I was easy to pick on.
A few years later I did the stupid thing by bringing a prized stuffed animal to school...something very special to me given to me by my grandmother. It was a stuffed rabbit. A few kids had taunted me and finally stole it from me. I had whined and begged for it back, yet made no move to reach for it. I hadn't really reacted until one kid took the rabbit and ripped the head off. After that, everyone looked down on me even more because now I wasn't afraid to stand up for myself or fight...I learned easily that this was a bad idea.

6th grade rolled around and everything got worse. My Grandfather died. I mean, I had watched him die. Reacted, but very little, so this labeled me as...cold and heartless? I cried, just...didn't tell anyone or cry around them. Not long after that, I woke up to find my Grandmother dead, as well. I hit puberty, entered a new, bigger, school, and lost the few friends I had.

This hell went on for 3 years before I got into high school and was labeled as a "slut" and "whore", just because I dated around a lot. Nothing sexual had happened between me and those men (and women cough), yet people believed there was. Then came forth. I lost some very dear friends(which...thank GOD I have back now...I'm sane again...), and was, again, alone. Beaten and raped by my boyfriend, etc.

Then, after meeting the love of my life...I ended up pregnant. Had a miscarriage, which was lucky...but saddening at the same time. And now here I life is a little better, but the thoughts still seem to come and go.

I've rambled on enough. I'll spare you now. -/Runs away with lemur/-