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IateIy Report | 03/20/2015 5:34 am
may i have your katana fair maiden
Ziska Report | 02/16/2013 7:23 pm
I you get a break in school soon so that I can see you again!
Ziska Report | 01/11/2013 4:18 am
Seriously I miss you! please get on again I really miss our story! crying
Ziska Report | 01/05/2013 7:19 am
you still alive sweety?
Ziska Report | 12/12/2012 6:30 pm
Privet Hyung moi love *RUSSIA BEAR HUG*
Russian White Walker Report | 09/07/2012 9:07 am
Russian White Walker
no problem ^u^ hope your bday went well
Russian White Walker Report | 09/07/2012 3:59 am
Russian White Walker
happy bday heart
Sir Egglington Report | 08/25/2012 1:22 pm
Sir Egglington
<cont from prev comment>
so I think that made me more vulnerable to developing PTSD. I never got panic attacks or any problems like that though.

It sounds like you're a nice person to know in-person. As a pessimist, having a person with a bright and beautifully childish view on the world would do me good. I wish you lived in England now. xD ;;

Oops, no, I meant the roleplay thread! My bad, sorry... I'm used to chatroom roleplays. xD ;;

I'm sorry if I sound condescending at all, when it's a subject I have a strong interest in... bahh, I can go a little over the top! I really like you, would you mind if I added you as a friend? We could perhaps roleplay in other places as well.
Sir Egglington Report | 08/25/2012 1:21 pm
Sir Egglington
[size=10.5]She seems a bit inconsiderate and rude, I think her attitude is something she can help and saying it's just who she is isn't an excuse for her because she can work on it. I don't really think she deserves my second chances, frankly I'm sick of giving people chances and letting them ******** me over.

Yeah, Calais? She PMed me about being England~ We're friends. :whee: I told her I could join as 'Dr. Jones' and Alfred can be Arthur's doctor/psychiatrist! It doesn't discourage me at all... in fact, having someone I know in there only encourages me even more. c: As someone that personally knows PTSD, and has experience with it, I think I can pass off as a specialist of it? xD ;;

It sounds like you've thought about how Laos developed his mental illnesses well, but PTSD doesn't exactly work like that... it doesn't trigger another mental illness, triggers cause panic attacks - A hallucination of the traumatic experience. It's based on anxiety, sufferers of PTSD also have nightmares and such.
Obviously a person can have more than one illness, as far as I'm aware, Dissociatiative Identity Disorder (DID) isn't a switch that flicks on and off with a trigger - It's part of someone's permanent identity... or, rather, someone permanently has two (or more) separate personalities. Some may not even consciously control their body (and may punch people, for example) because their other personality does, the personality they're not conscious about. It was in House M. D., a guy with DID had to announce what he's doing, where he's going, etc. to himself to make his other identity aware of what they were doing. o 3o

Is it clear that I have a strong interest in mental disorders? xD Even before I was traumatised, my trauma has kind of made it harder for me to explore psychology.

PTSD can be rather scary, even small things such as taking a shower, drinking/eating certain foods, etc. can trigger a panic attack. You don't know when and where it'd happen, you're afraid to be alone because nobody will know or help you if something happens. You don't think these small everyday activities are related to your traumatic experiences, only to later realise that there's a significant link - For example, I have trouble showering not only because my ex abused me in the shower, but also because it's an enclosed space that I can't escape - My ex trapped me in enclosed spaces a lot.
I also have reoccurring nightmares, I can't predict when they happen but sometimes they get so bad I wake up in cold sweat and close to a panic attack. The trouble is that if I've already started my panic attack in my sleep, it's hard to regain consciousness because my hallucination is almost identical to having a dream. My ex abused me over the course 6 months in 2008, the worst incident being on New Years (from 2008 to 2009) whereby she strangled me with the intent to kill me. When I have panic attacks, or even get a little anxious, I get a sharp pain in my neck where her fingers dug in. Hallucinations, and panic attacks, literally makes you relive the experiences - And this includes the way you felt when it happened, I see her hand around my neck and I feel asphyxiated.
My nightmares also triggered a state of mind - A realisation, if you will, that it's only a dream and it can't hurt me. I started lucid dreaming (during my dreams, I am aware that it's a dream). I can 'make' myself wake up, but this has triggered a problem with my mind (keep reading, this is useful for your character). My subconscious started 'tricking' me into thinking I've made myself wake up from a nightmare, only to lead me into another nightmare. It used to be easy to 'make' myself awake up, but now my mind has found ways to trick me into continuing to dream. It feels like it's my conscious mind vs. my subconscious - Almost like Dissociative Identity Disorder, don't you think? lD

But yes, although I had Chronic Depression before I developed PTSD. I was always a worried and stressed pers
Sir Egglington Report | 08/25/2012 11:38 am
Sir Egglington
Hey, replying to your comment here so I don't drag the topic down on the forum!

N Korea - Im Hyung Soo
I can see how you might think Ath is not been hospitable, it's hard to carry emotions into typing but she is only trying to be pratical. We all want you to join what Ath is trying to say is don't join something you don't enjoy.

I apologize if giving my Laos PTSD may upset you. I do know very well what it is and how it is percieved because my mom is diagnoised with PTSD as well as social anxiety. I merely am trying to incoperate mental illnesses into my Soviet!Laos who went a little psycotic and crazy during the time that Russia and America fought over him.

Also if you would like a kindred spirit of sorts I was surprised to see Wy's character had Aspergers since I have it. I never really considered it to be a mental illness at all xD but since it's so unknown and even rare in girls I was happy to see someone even knew what it was and there isn't really a wrong way to potray it because all autistics are different. Not everyone with PTSD are the same either right?

I hope this helps to clear things up a bit, I really don't want you to be offeended, and hopefully I helped to interpret what Ath was saying a bit better.
It's not just her lack of tone, she seemed very irritated and fed up with me for trying to discuss whether to join with the other members? It made me feel unwelcome and almost like I'd be ignored. I'd enjoy it if I knew people were understanding, delicate, and thoughtful. You seem to be like that, so I do feel encouraged to join after reading your comment - Thank you.

I'm sorry, I had to say something about my PTSD because, as I'm sure you know, it's quite unpredictable when untreated. I have quite a few triggers and I'm not aware of what they all are, but it does improve my understanding of the illness so I really hope I can interpret my experiences into roleplay fully. I have PTSD and Depression, I'm not sure if Depression would be fitting for England but perhaps it would be - Considering he drinks his sorrows away in the series.

PTSD is an illness for the victims, not the people oppressing those victims. If Laos suffered a lot of abuse during the Soviet period, then PTSD would fit. If Laos, however, caused a lot of harm without a second though - That'd make him a Sociopath or Borderline.

Thanks for talking to me, knowing that I'm not the only mentally ill person in the roleplay also encourages me. Do you think you could link me to the chatroom so I can refer to it when working on my application?

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