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    User ImageNanzzy

    Wild and offensive in nature, Nanzzy is a true demon... Or at least, that's what she wants others to think. In reality she hasn't been a demon for long, and not a lot is known about the time before she became one, besides the fact that she doesn't want to talk about it.
    She is generally a warm person who's easy about showing her emotion; however, these may not always be her true ones. She gets angered easily, especially when it's about vampires, who she hates with a passion.
    When she is reminded of her past, often she'll try to put up a smile and wave it off like nothing, but on the inside she'll be brooding in her little corner of woe.
    Despite all this, her initial coldness has been slowly wearing off thanks to her friends; if she likes someone, she'll be genuinely caring and nice to them, and go to great lengths to ensure their safety.
    She tries her best to keep herself under control, but as a demon, every once in a while her bloodlust gets the better of her; it's best to stay far out of her way during these times.
    She is driven by a desire for vengeance; because of this, she is constantly looking for new ways to become stronger.
    Her appearance changes as easily as her mood, which is a lot; but it's safe to assume that 9 out of 10 times you'll be talking to Nanzzy. She does have a preferred look, as depicted to the left; black hair, tanned skin, red catlike eyes, and often pointed ears.
    If she goes into full-on demonic mode, her skin turns purple and her eyes start glowing, which is usually a good sign to run.
    Her way of dressing is often glamorous and sensual, and if not elaborate gowns, she's probably wearing next to nothing, or wearing fighting gear (which isn't mutually exclusive, she's very much capable of combining all three).
    Her main forte is magic, in particular black and fire magic; she has trouble with water and air due to her lack of patience and calmth. Earth magic is a slow journey, but she's determined to learn it in order to better keep control over the Ancients. She's able to manipulate fire quite freely, even without the use of magic, since becoming a demon.
    She's been shown to be able to use healing and even reviving spells, but generally hates to use them on anyone but herself; according to her they're the kind of spells that 'drain her energy and remind her of things she'd rather not remember'.
    Spirit magic, a specific form of black magic, is one she tends to use a lot; as a greater demon she's responsible for taking care of the lost souls in Hell. She has the ability to lock wandering souls inside other humans, animals or inanimate objects. These captured souls are aware of their surroundings and in control of their thoughts; however, with another spell, Nanzzy can take away their ability to talk or move unless given specific orders.
    The spirit magic is also used to communicate telepathically, by making a connection with someone else's mind; she can even use this to take control over someone's mind, but for that to work well, she has to at least be somewhat familiar with the person. Usually, she stays away from this side of her magic; she keeps her mind shut tight from outside influences, to prevent any unwanted prying into her own mind.
    Her demon blood is a powerful tool of corruption; it taps into the darkness inside people and brings out the worst in them, making it easier on her to bend them to her will. Generally, the purer the person she feeds it to/injects it with, the greater the effect; people who are already rotten to the core don't feel much of the effects. On the other hand, when a vampire or other blood drinker takes it, their strength and speed will greatly increase, and they will turn murderous and power hungry until the effects of the blood are negated with purification, through Holy Water or other such things.
    Despite her magical prowess, she still prefers to fight hands-on, either with weapons or even with her bare hands, because she enjoys the challenge. Her Demon Blade is called Sereg Mor, 'Black Blood', a powerful sword; she rarely summons it though, because of the bad memories attached to it.
    Once upon a time, Nanzzy was a sweet, innocent woman who fell in love... That was about two thousand years ago. And it did not end well.
    Still haunted by what happened around that time, she never talks about it much; her true identity is her deepest secret. Her deep-rooted hatred for vampires appears to be related to all this, although she has never been clear about just what role they played in the tragedy.
    After these events, she roamed the Earth for a thousand years, never staying in one place too long, hiding away among humans and living as one of them.
    Eventually this came to an end when, again, vampires crossed her path and did something that ended the running; once again, this is a memory that she does not like to talk about.
    She's been a demon ever since that time, for about a thousand years now; however, she's hinted at being around for much, much longer than that. Whether anyone will ever find out just what happened in her past that made her crave vengeance ever since... We'll have to wait and see.

    Her theme song is the entirety of The Unforgiving by Within Temptation, in particular Where Is The Edge.

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    User ImageThe Ancients

    After a quest for new powers didn't end up quite as planned, Nanzzy became a host to the Ancients; the vengeful spirits of a once powerful group of ancient Celtic shapeshifters. Usually kept in check by Nanzzy, they come out to play whenever she dies, or whenever they find a way to overthrow her.
    Faolan the Wolf (m) - Hotheaded and bloodthirsty, Faolan is a true warrior at heart, and the de facto leader of the group. Generally, he kills before asking questions, enjoying the hunting aspect of it. Despite his bad temper, he truly cares for his pack, and is like a father to them.
    Braith the Wild Cat (f) - Braith, the team mother, acts as the voice of reason to Faolan; rather than with violence, she prefers to sort things out through negotiation and cunning plans. However, she is very protective of the rest of the pack, and will not hesitate to kill anyone who hurts them.
    Aldan the Deer (m) - The calmest among the pack, Aldan, as an elder, is still a force to be reckoned with; he prefers to reach his goals not through force, but wisdom. He is graceful and refined, a noble and gentle philosopher at heart.
    Avalyn the Swan (f) - Avalyn, the other elder, is a bard, her music and song helping to keep up the morale. Inspired by the druids who lived with the pack back in their lifetime, her spiritual side is strong; she uses dreams to help the others find inner peace and see into the future.
    Calder the Dolphin (m) - Calder is usually referred to as a bit of an oddball by the rest of his pack, because of his rather feminine way of dressing and mannerisms; however, despite that he is a very capable doctor, with an unrivaled knowledge of herbs and plants.
    Darcie the Bat (f) - Darcie is told on a daily basis by her companions that she should behave more ladylike, but their pleas fall on deaf ears; she lives for the fight. A true combat strategist, she is able to plan well ahead and foresee enemies' traps and weaknesses.
    Saoirse the Horse (f) - One of the younger members of the troupe, Saoirse is a symbol of strength; her high speed and stamina make her a great asset to exploring unknown terrain, while it also allows her to endure for a long time in drawn-out battles.
    Kallima the Butterfly (f) - Seemingly fragile and sensitive, there's more to Kallima than meets the eye; she has a strong connection to the afterlife, drawing on the powers of fallen comrades to give new strength to the living and raise the newly dead.
    Nathair the Snake (m) - Nathair is the slyest out of all the Ancients; his words, like his teeth, are poisonous, allowing him to get inside someone's head easily. He prefers to fight from the sidelines and in the shadows, using backhanded tactics to gain the upper hand; however, he is still loyal to his pack above all.
    Talon the Raven (m) - The youngest pack member is Talon, an upbeat little trickster with remarkable sleight of hand. Fond of shady deals and pickpocketing, he is still like a child at heart; however, behind his immature behaviour, he shows great intelligence nonetheless.
    All the Ancients have three forms; a Human form, a Hybrid form and an Animal form.
    In their regular Human forms, they all have black hair and somewhat tanned skin; they are taller than average humans, with a certain stateliness to them.
    When going into their Hybrid forms, their skin goes black and their eyes red; some characteristics of their particular species appear, like claws and wings.
    Finally, in their Animal form, the transformation is complete; any human characteristics disappear and they become their spirit animal.
    Their main ability is, of course, their shapeshifting; however, they cannot use it to its fullest as long as Nanzzy is in control. If they manage to gain control of the body, they are able to change into their Hybrid forms; should Nanzzy die, they gain enough control to be able to change into their Animal forms. As long as they are stuck in Nanzzy's body, they cannot change into their own human form.
    Besides the shapeshifting, they also have an extensive knowledge of earth magic and everything related to it; they can command nature itself to do their bidding, and use the tools it gives them, like plants and herbs, and mystical locations, to survive. Again, as long as they are confined in Nanzzy's body, they cannot use this ability to its fullest; however, she has been training her own earth magic in order to better connect with the Ancients and keep them under control.
    Finally, they have control over darkness itself. They can turn the shadows into black tendrils, using them to tie people up or even cut them with their sharp edges; whole areas can be filled with a complete, unnatural darkness that even torches and flashlights are useless against.
    Combined with Nanzzy's own affinity for black magic, they can even use the darkness inside people themselves; playing on their fears and nightmares, blacking out other parts of their minds until they are driven mad from terror.
    Back when they were alive, the Ilchruthach Clan were a peaceful group of shapeshifters, living at Mount Killaraus in Ireland; they were close friends with the druids from the nearby villages and lived in harmony with nature and life itself. The shapeshifter village was surrounded by mystical stones that provided them with a healing power and protected the village from any harm; thus they were able to live a calm and quiet life, without much worries.
    This all changed when the British king ordered his army, along with Merlin, to bring to England these stones of legend, that would later become known as Stonehenge; 15,000 knights, led by Uther Pendragon, invaded the surrounding villages on their quest and killed all inhabitants, eventually discovering the hidden village of the shapeshifters and killing them too.
    Ten of them managed to escape, and with the help of one druid who also survived, found a way to leave their mortal bodies behind and roam the earth as spirits, waiting for the day they would find a proper vessel with enough power to restore them to their former glory, so that they could wreak revenge upon those who had destroyed their village.
    Over a thousand years passed, and slowly but surely, they began to be consumed by their hatred for the humans who had done this to them, eventually turning that hatred against all of humankind; these feelings of hate turned into the ability to manipulate darkness itself, allowing them to become the ultimate hunters, killing machines with little regard for their prey.
    It was in this state that Nanzzy found them and became their host; they have been looking for a way to take control and take her powers for themselves ever since.

    Until my tablet is working properly again, the Gaia avatars and item edits will have to do; click the wolf to see the full group in all three forms and click their names to see each character individually.

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    User ImageTakeshi

    If one thing's obvious about Takeshi on first sight, it's that he's a bad boy; his main goal in life is trying to woo as many girls as he can, but besides that he's a bit shady, never telling anything about his past or why exactly he has his lighter on him at all times, just to name some things...
    His personality can be summed up easily in just two words: complete jerk. He looks down on other guys and is only interested in girls for their looks, which somehow works out for him too. Despite his cold behaviour he's shown from time to time to care more about the people around him then he'd like to let on, in particular towards Nanzzy. When he's in a really good mood (which is very rare), it shows that he's actually quite fond of cute things and can even become almost obsessive over them; he has some otaku-ish traits too, and enjoys listening to K-pop, J-pop and J-rock.
    He is easily recognizable by his pale skin, eyepatch and fiery red hair that usually looks like he fell straight out of bed. He claims to be 100% human, but his skin looks unnaturally pale and unhealthy, or as most people would say undead. He has a feminine physique and features, but his muscles show that he's done quite a bit of training in his life nonetheless; there's also a big scar running across his chest.
    He prefers simple clothes that show off his muscles, going for a somewhat punkish look most of the time; standardly included are his cigarettes and his trusted lighter.
    As a normal human, he doesn't have any powers of his own; however, he has an extreme regenerative ability and high tolerance to pain.
    He also learnt some control over souls from Nanzzy, although he usually only ever uses it when she orders him to; he prefers fighting with weapons, especially knives, and sometimes along with his big red pet wolf that he calls Jack, after Jack the Ripper, one of his supposed idols.
    When he takes off his eyepatch, he releases the full power of his deal with the Devil; red markings appear all over his body, and his speed and strength greatly increase; in this state he is practically unstoppable. He rarely uses it though, only when he gets really angry at someone who he cannot kill instantly, will he actually draw on that power.
    He has been around since the early 10th century; coming from a loving Japanese family, he used to be an innocent boy who decided to join a wandering troupe of samurai at 18 years old, to serve and protect his country.
    However, as it quickly turned out, this troupe wasn't particularly strict in upholding the Bushidō; they were little more than mercenaries for hire. Every village that they raided, would be plundered empty and burned to the ground; the women raped while their husbands got killed in horrible ways. Takeshi, too weak still to stand up to these trained men, was forced to watch, unable to say or do anything about it.
    Between different assignments, the troupe would sometimes be stuck in the middle of nowhere for days, even weeks on end; with nothing to do and no women to satisfy their needs, the men became bored quickly and started looking for alternative sources of 'entertainment'.
    Takeshi was young, weak, innocent, and especially feminine; they turned to him to satisfy their lust, forcing him to play along. For months, they continued this, slowly driving him over the edge; until he finally snapped.
    He called on the Devil to make a deal; his soul in exchance for the speed of lightning and the strength of a thousand men. The deal was made, Takeshi killed his entire troupe in cold blood. and was dragged down to Hell to serve the Devil for the rest of all eternity.
    Eventually, he and Nanzzy met, and she became his supervisor, giving him back some freedom to return to the surface world and do things on his own.

    His theme song is Nickelback - Burn It To The Ground.

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    User ImageNanne (Me)

    And now for something completely different... Moi~
    The name's Nanne - Female - Birthday 11/23/1992 - Dutch
    Dark blonde (bronde?) - Blue eyes
    Christian - Goth - Artist
    First off, let me just state that I'm not a very nice person~ heart
    I act all nice and sweet to people in real life, but behind all that I'm kind of a self-absorbed b***h, and that side shows stronger on the internet, naturally~
    However, if you want to be friends despite that, props to you and yay for me?
    Really, I'm nice to my friends mostly (aside from the occassional mean comment or smack to the back of the head when I'm being teased~ heart ). I just don't like making an effort for people who aren't gonna appreciate it anyway; can't make everyone happy.
    Aside from that; I'm generally a cheerful person, but if you get me in a bad mood, better stay far out of my way; I'm kinda lazy; also highly intelligent with a brain in mint condition (rarely been used~! heart ). No seriously, I've got good brains, I just like not using them. Makes for funny reactions when people realize there's more than just the shallow b***h emotion_awesome Also, kind of a spelling and grammar nazi, be warned.
    Hypocritical to the core~ heart
    Colour: Red (and black, if you count that as a colour). Incidentally also what most of my wardrobe is made up of.
    Flower: Rose, red ones in particular.
    Animal: Cat. It's the internet, what do you expect? I have an adorable kitty named Gem, she's an orange tabby with a dash of Persian~
    Song: Changes by the day, pretty much.
    Band: Within Temptation, although there's a lot of close seconds.
    Music Genre: Basically anything as long as it sounds good and has some melody to it; I'm however particularly partial to symphonic metal and classic rock.
    Movie: Another tough one; but let's go with the Lord of the Rings trilogy.
    Book: Lord of the Rings again? Also, murder mysteries and thrillers á la Agatha Christie and John Grisham, for example.
    TV show: Any British detective show, like A Touch of Frost and Midsomer Murders (and that includes BBC's Sherlock, too); on the American side, probably The Vampire Diaries with Once Upon A Time as a close second.
    Cartoon: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Brony and proud~
    Anime/Manga: My top 5, in no particular order.
    - Romeo x Juliet
    - Fullmetal Alchemist (especially Brotherhood)
    - Chrono Crusade
    - Toradora!
    - Princess Tutu
    Artist: A lot again, but I especially adore the works of old masters like Rembrandt and Rubens... Now that's skill~
    Food: Does chocolate count? I'm a huge junk food junkie too, especially pizza~
    Fruit: Strawberry. Seriously, it deserves a special mention besides the broader food favourite.
    Drink: COFFEE. I thrive on that stuff, I need it more than air, without it I would fall asleep halfway during the day... Totally not addicted, nu-uh~
    Holiday: Christmas~ Besides the obvious meaning of the holiday, there's also something about the being with family, the warmth and happiness and joy that's spreading everywhere, that just really makes me love Christmas above all else~
    Season: Tie between Autumn and Winter. I love the colourfulness of Autumn and the coldness of Winter, especially when snowy; but what I love especially about both is the somewhat forlorn, melancholic feeling it seems to bring. Just feels poetic, somehow~
    Too many to name them all. You'll find out soon enough if you want to get to know me.

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