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Here's where I'll post various random finds of mine. They may be interesting, they may be boring, who knows? All I can say is that there's going to be a huge variety.

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So, you wanna' know about me, eh?

So, you wanna' know about me, eh? Well, there's not really much to say, but I'll try and make this worth-while. I'm an avid gamer who is willing to give anything a try as long as it's not a sports game. I enjoy reading and writing, and I'm pretty literate. I hate "Txt Talk" with a passion, and get mildly irked by an overflow of typos and the like. I enjoy fanfiction, along with manga and anime. In fact, I'm really a major otaku.

I'm a huge Touhou fan, and I love to rp(I can be picky at times, however). If you ever want to do an rp, just ask me, and 99% of the time, I'll say yes. I'm also learning how to use the Vocaloid software. I'm good with computers(I've taken some college level courses for this interest)... Ah, what else...?

I've got little-to-no talent for drawing, so I put my focus on writing and sprite animations. I'm more skilled with the former, though. I'm also working on making my own MMO for a place called BYOND. I'm seriously in need of help with that, though, so.... Yeah.

All in all, I'm a pretty easy guy to get along with. Though I can be volatile at times(Hey, who isn't?!). And that's pretty much all I'm gonna' say for now. You want to learn more? Then strike up a conversation with me. IM, PM, email... Any means is fine.



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