Name: Nana Osaki

Gender: Female

Birthday:March 5, 1981

Birthplace:Meguro, Tokyo

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Bio: She is the illegitimate daughter of Misuzu Ozaki, who left Nana in the care of her grandmother when she was four years old. Nana has not seen her mother since, and has thus forgotten what she looks like. Nana's grandmother, Miyuki, was very strict, and forbade her from wearing the colors pink and red because she did not want Nana O. to "tempt" men and become like her mother. Nana O., however, had a rebellious streak. In high school, she was friendless until she met Nobuo Terashima, who introduced her to punk music and bands such as The Sex Pistols.

As the lead singer of the band Black Stones (Blast, for short), Nana gained a rabid following of fans in her hometown. She developed a typically "cool" appearance, wearing the punk fashions of Vivienne Westwood and getting a lotus tattoo on her arm. She also moved in with Ren, and the two shared an intense romance until Ren told her that he had been offered a big record deal and would be leaving Blast to play with the band Trapnest in Tokyo. Though Ren and Nana still loved each other, they believed that a long distance relationship would be pointless. Nana proudly refused to abandon her own musical career to follow Ren; thus, their relationship ended.

Later in the series, it is revealed out that Nana's mother is actually alive, and her whereabouts are exposed by a magazine called Search, which had previously exposed Ren and Nana's relationship to the public. It turns out that Nana's mother had actually maintained a fairly normal lifestyle and even had a child of her own, Misato Uehara. The Misato that the band knew was really Mai Tsuzuki, who borrowed Misato's name to feel like Nana's real little sister. Mai was the granddaughter of a man who was a lover of Nana's grandmother, and subsequently reading her grandfather's diary became a fan of Blast and Nana. The real Misato has an incredible likeness to Nana, and when she finds out that her mother abandoned her idol, she flees in shock and disappointment.

It is hinted at that Nana disappears and is never seen again, throughout many manga chapters. She is seen, though, with long blonde hair, while there are many rumours and speculations that she is dead. A mysterious person sends Hachiko pictures of her singing, with the Ren lotus still on her arm. And Hachiko exclaims and breaks down crying, because she always believed that her friend wasn't dead, and that she waited for the day for her and Ren to be reunited again.


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