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Her green eyes . .
Surrounded by optimistic pleasure. . .

Inspiration not only could come from the soul but from a physical object, person, or event. Edgar Allen Poe’s inspiration comes from his wives deaths and how tragic his life was. I personally see that he was given a beautiful gift. The gift to put a writing utensil to the paper to create whatever comes to mind and to craft your inspiration. To use words in a creative like manner that only you could capture. Words are like art. You put a little piece of yourself in every paper you write. Yet this is just my personal opinion and I believe in it. Without words the beauty in our voices would never be complete.

Painted eyes of radiant green, like her heart their big and see the beauty in people and life. Small yet curious, she was brought to this earth during spring holding a diamond in her hand when she was born; she wanders the earth in search of a meaning. Life was like magic in her optimistic eyes. Never will she see the negativity that others do. Headstrong she holds her head high in what she does and believes in. She’ll strive to get what she wants never taking no for an answer. Thoughts surround her about the meaning of life, thinking about things no ordinary person usually thinks of at times. Her thoughts lead to an action which leads her trouble yet she never stops. Still holding her stubborn head high she stands. That green eyed beauty will never stop believing in what she believes in. She’ll never she the negative side of things. Always will be that stubborn girl striving to gets what she wants even if it mean doing a little dirty work to attain that want she craves for. She fights until the end, that green eyed girl will never let a fight end. Life goes on for that strange girl having her eyes always fooling her but yet she knows her hart is in the right place.

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I love you dear

Milton Wuz Here

and a message to all people living.
(mostly the males)
if you touch her
you will be maimed and scared.
be afraid
you have been warned