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"There is Only One God,
and his name is Death.
And there is only one thing say to Death;
'Not Today'.



>>>>Kathleen / Louis | 21 | They/Them<<<<
I've been a roleplayer on this website since I was like 11. Wowie. I'm not on here that often anymore though.

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"The wind is rising; we must live"


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Asakura Hao desu Report | 02/24/2020 1:09 pm
Asakura Hao desu
Hi! I've been well, just adjusting to my new job. How are you? ^_^
Asakura Hao desu Report | 01/15/2019 7:59 am
Asakura Hao desu
I'm just really excited about a casual Smash Bros tournament me and my friends are doing, probably a bit too excited lol XD
Asakura Hao desu Report | 09/19/2018 3:56 pm
Asakura Hao desu
Hi! I'm doing alright, just busy with school. How are you doing? ^_^
Asakura Hao desu Report | 03/14/2018 9:08 pm
Asakura Hao desu
LOL omg "Don't wave to him!!" XD I remember there was a chapter where they actually sat down and had coffee and talked for a bit, but I don't remember which one that was...
Asakura Hao desu Report | 03/13/2018 10:37 am
Asakura Hao desu
I'm seriously thinking about it now lol. To be fair, there are SO many chapters, and there's so much packed into those chapters. You're bound to forget some stuff. I'm sure there's a ton that I forgot about, too XD
Asakura Hao desu Report | 03/12/2018 3:33 pm
Asakura Hao desu
I just skimmed through it and LOL I did not remember Anna being jealous XD Ugh, I really wanna read it now!
Asakura Hao desu Report | 03/11/2018 9:05 pm
Asakura Hao desu
Eww! I didn't think about that DX

Yeah, I can only imagine how some clients are. People suck sometimes =(

How far have you gotten in Shaman King?
Asakura Hao desu Report | 03/09/2018 10:12 pm
Asakura Hao desu
Hehe, both sound fun, especially dog sitting. Who doesn't love dogs? XD
Asakura Hao desu Report | 03/09/2018 10:09 am
Asakura Hao desu
You run your own business? That is so awesome! What kind of business is it? Does it have to do with art? emotion_kirakira
Asakura Hao desu Report | 03/08/2018 9:21 pm
Asakura Hao desu
Oh, wow! I bet Hana's death was really sad sad I'm glad Hao brought him back though.

That's so awesome! If I have time I will. I've got homework piled high though T^T