Having problems with your relationships constantly? Having shitty boy/girlfriend after boy/girlfriend? Do not fret! Follow Namekuji Kimi's dating guide! With three easy steps, you can cure your terrible record of bad love luck!

Namekuji Kimi's Guide to Dating


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Vlad Masters Report | 01/03/2013 12:12 am
Vlad Masters
Hey there, Sexy.
RecIuse Report | 07/21/2012 4:48 pm
albus egg 47k..send trade if intrested.
Moogle Voodoo Report | 06/20/2012 9:38 pm
Moogle Voodoo
I just don't bother to post much. Though one of my high school 'friends' deleted me because I told her I was pro-abortion and that I don't consider fetuses to be human.

I haven't been to an anime con in a long time. I might go to NY Comic Con this year.
Moogle Voodoo Report | 06/20/2012 9:34 pm
Moogle Voodoo
Pfft. I agree with you. A woman shouldn't have to make herself skinny to be beautiful.

People on Facebook can be silly sometimes
Moogle Voodoo Report | 06/20/2012 9:26 pm
Moogle Voodoo
I see.
But it's still good to see you round again.
Moogle Voodoo Report | 06/20/2012 8:25 pm
Moogle Voodoo
Oh hey. I was wondering where you went. I miss seeing you in the LD
Romanovich Raskolnikov Report | 04/12/2012 6:32 pm
Romanovich Raskolnikov
That might explain it, ho.
Romanovich Raskolnikov Report | 04/12/2012 6:20 pm
Romanovich Raskolnikov
Oi, didn't I already send you a request? Or was I hallucinating that night?
Relic_League Report | 03/11/2012 7:22 am
Well since your a straight guy it makes sense for Yaoi to not interest you. xd
The Yuri aspect is more opinion, my fiance is straight but Yuri doesn't interest him.
For some reason Yaoi seems cute to me...but I'm a girl, weird I know, guess my gay friends when dating I think are cute.

I like Dawn/Cyrus, but then Cyrus is around Cynthia's age. XD
I love Yellow/Lance, Yellow/Green Oak, Yellow/Gold and maybe Yellow/N.
Relic_League Report | 03/11/2012 4:20 am
I only follow her mainly canon character wise. - Because it makes sense to me, I changed a few things I disliked.
Shipping wise I don't follow canon as the 'canon' couple is Red x Yellow, which I hate.
I like Het and Yaoi, animated Yuri just doesn't appeal to me. x3
So it's not that I follow canon, as not of the het couples are canon at all - just not a fan of yuri. sweatdrop
Got nothing against it, it just doesn't appeal to me. XD
I'm bi-curious, but either way I prefer guys. I'm engaged to one. xd
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