Umm... My name is Heidi and I'm 19 now *yay*
*grins* I'm about 5'10" and my hair is died red and black... I graduated high school last year and I'm thinking of becoming either a computer graphic art designer, an interpreter for the deaf/hard of hearing, or a massage therapist. So, umm... yea...

Zodiac: Pisces
Chinese Sign: Dragon
Siblings: 2 sisters & 2 brothers (All older)
Interests: Anime, writing, drawing, animals, Gaia & 9dragons, and learning about Wicca
Personality: Quiet, paranoid, shy, and generally polite, unless you seriously piss me off...
Quirks: I am rather paranoid, if my bubble (my space) is invaded I tend to spaz out...
I follow my instincts in almost everything, especially when I meet new people, and they tend to be very accurate...
I hold grudges like mad... ask my sister, she'll rant for hours about it *lol*

Anime: Bleach, Death Note, Inuyasha, Naruto, Ouran High School Host Club, and FullMetal Alchemist
Manga: Chobits, Rurouni Kenshin, Death Note, & Yellow ninja
Quote: "I will forgive but I won't forget"
~Linkin Park
Music: Almost everything except rap, pop, and country
Bands: Linkin Park, Lacuna Coil, Slipknot, and System of a Down
Movie: Too many...
Playstation & PS2 Games: The Final Fantasy series, Kingdom Hearts I & II, Prince or Persia series, & Legend of Dragoon
PC Games: None Atm


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My Paranoid Life...

In case you didn't know, I am extremely twitchy and "no touchy no touchy" with people I'm not really comfortable with... ...I control my reactions too much sometimes and only my friends can tell what is really going through my head most of the time.


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cool profile

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Thanks for buying from my shop! ^^ <3
Amaya Akimichi

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Amaya Akimichi

You! Must look at my profile lol. I have music on it User Image. Unfortunatly with the site I'm on I have to constantly update my music cause sometimes the song gets deleated off the site, but its still a pretty good site. Yay for mother finally sending the laptop lol. I missed music V_V .-huggles music- lol. Anyways I'm still trying to figure out if I should change back to temari cosplay or try a Anko cosplay. Too bad I can't cosplay Jiraiya. That would be sweet >< I have a lot of those "help so and so rule the world add this to siggy" things on there but hey I made some of them too. They didn't have a Kiba, Jiraiya, Anko, or Iruka siggy thing so I made them ^_^ they have Hinata but not Kiba User Image I mean how rude lol oh and they even had Shino! I couldn't find a Tenten or Neji User Image But I also couldn't find a chibi pic of ither of them I will try to find chibi pic's and make them siggy pic's! lol Yea thats my rant for now haha have fun reading it in your small comment box -sticks out tongue- later sissy

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YOur avatar is BE-A-U-TIF-UL!

I WANT YOUR LET IT SNOW! Just kidding.

If you actually wanna donate it to me.

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nice profile.. did you make it on your own?

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Not my fault that your sleeping habbits are different from mine and you know I dont get on gaia that much. Besides when aren't you bored? You always call me saying your bored sis then ask me to entertain me. You know I dont have a sign saying "I'll entertain you if your bored" keep callin me asking ME to entertain YOU when YOU are the one who called I'll charge u $5 everytime lol. Little missy stop callin me and ask for entertainment, call for anything else I dont mind k? lol silly sis.

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I misses you =[

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random comment! nice profile
Ria Urawa

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Ria Urawa

i stumbled over your journal and i like to get knowen to a person so like me....
50kg of Bloody Tears

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50kg of Bloody Tears

Wow, awesome profile!

I love Death Note! [:


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