Roleplay Purposes - (As of 6th May 2006, I am changing character to this)
Name -: Heru Mitsukai
Age -: Unknown
Date of Birth -: 07/02/19??
Status -: Missing, Presumed Dead
Hometown -: Osaka
Scars -: One through his left eyebrow, one along his neck shaped like a sai.
Features -: Piercings in his right ear and right eyebrow, greyish black hair to his shoulders
Weapon class -: 'Zenpaktou Class' Ravenos, The Feral Wolf

Classified Info (Soul Society Captains and Vice-Captians only)
Squad -: 'Legendary 14th Squad' The Valentines
Position - Vice Captian (guess whos captain XD)
Shikai -: Not Known
Bankai -: Not Known

History - Unknown

Real Life Info
Name -: Freddie ?????
Age -: 17
Gender -: Male
Hair -: Brown
Eyes -: Brown
Piercings -: None for now
Drink/Smoke/Drugs -: Yes/Yes/No
Intrests and Actions -: Music, Anime, CCGs, Warhammer 40k and Roleplay

Other Roleplay Charas, past and Present
Freddie/Sailor Dragonball (Or Sailor Ravenos) - In Use
Nakafi - Lord Of Hell - Not In Use
Naiye - Demon-kin/Werewolf Not In Use

Music currently in love with
Rattlesnake Remedy
Wake Up by Rage Against The Machine
The Alkaline Trio
Coheed and Cambria


Freddie's Random Blah thing of Nothingness

It does exactly what it says on the title.


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jup jup

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jup jup

Allo Koi heh, wish I could have had the first comment but oh well...
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I GOT MY TAT!!! smile
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pretty good... pissed bc i don't get my tat tonight... not til next tuesday
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hey doll... what's up?? i need to find more ways of making more money on here!!!

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Wow you got lots of girl friends, how come you have not visit covern ?..


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