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Kazuyaki on 12/14/2019


Eventually I'll update this again to be relevant.


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Ted D Ber Report | 04/25/2015 9:30 am
Ted D Ber
:C Whats wrong?
Grace Gubreez Report | 03/20/2013 4:54 am
Grace Gubreez
now worries xd I was just curious heart
Grace Gubreez Report | 03/19/2013 8:01 pm
Grace Gubreez
oh my you are one of the few that knew what my message in a bottle was about! Did you read the halo books or did you find the answer some other way? whee
Arlyana Report | 05/12/2011 8:13 pm
Love the water nymph look!
Allora Wynter Storm Report | 04/10/2011 8:31 am
Allora Wynter Storm
You're definitely cool! Wish I could shoot a bow and an arrow! smile
control_the_flames Report | 03/06/2010 3:50 pm
omg....we have the same birthday! 8/22
Isabelle Report | 02/19/2010 3:43 pm
Thank you for the bugs/inks!<3
Ted D Ber Report | 03/13/2009 5:37 pm
Ted D Ber
have you considered switching to meow?
Ted D Ber Report | 03/13/2009 5:31 pm
Ted D Ber
I accept your denial
Ted D Ber Report | 03/13/2009 5:27 pm
Ted D Ber
I decline :3


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