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I like anime and music
and cute things
and cats.

You can find me on:
League of Legends: Nahella
Discord: Nahella#5737
Skype: teferanity

Oh, and I do roleplays. I prefer yaoi ones. PM me about a roleplay at any time.

art & words from friends

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A freeb from Nick_austin90 during the HBC valentines event.

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A freeb from Kohaii. I love their art so much ahhh ;//o//;

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By Richard Craven. They gave me art randomly because they liked my avatar ahh ;///;
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Headshot from hyde
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From my friend jake lost the game

I don't remember who made the rest of these, as it's been years ago ;w;
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Some with me and my friend star <3
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And finally a really old avi art that is way edgier than I actually am ;w;
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Nutella. Nutella. NUTELLA. When I first met nutella, I never knew that we would become the best of friends. We were in the same smeb crew and she made me laugh a lot that day. Who knew that she would make me laugh many more times to come. Despite all the times I freaking annoyed the life out of her, she stuck up with it and my stupid looong rants. No jk. I told her about the people who I disliked (like her friends amg) and she wouldn't get mad at me. I'm so glad that I met her. She offered to give me an Oisin's Blessing. I MEAN WHAT TYPE OF FRIEND IS THAT?!?! The answer is: "Just the freaking DAZZLING best." 8'D (Not to mention just crazy //facepalms) She's also very kind, sweet, and caring though she makes me worry a s**t ton. ;n; No matter what happens and no matter how far the distance between us is, we will be the best of friends. (EVEN IF YOU FIND ONE BETTER THAN ME ;;craiis inwardly) Even if we don't know much about each other irl...Even if we haven't met each other irl...Even though I'm a b***h sometimes and I rant a lot...Even if I fleet before you do or crew people when you're the lead...We will always and forever be the best of friends. All of it doesn't matter because the only thing I need to be certain of is our friendship and that's all that counts. I will never forget the trust you had in me and will never forget the person that has become part of who I am. Nutella. I tell you this. Even if we are millions of miles apart, always remember that we are always under the same sky and under that starry night sky, we will always be friends. Love, Star ^^ ♥
Remembering the happy times we’ve shared,
And being together when we were scared,
Because our friendship means so much,
I hope we could still keep in touch.



Well then..It's been a while since I've written anything for anyone but here we go. Nahella.. Man it was a while back when I first met you. That PS nerfing back then.. god I hated it. It was so damn boring but my friends always wanted to do that. I happened to meet you in one of those crews one night. I was so tired. And I remember you in some cute little reddish outfit sitting on a broom...and seeing a wave of saws come at you and your avatar just spinning with that little broom using dervish.. I actually laughed..and I laughed hard. I thought it was hilarious. Man I must of been tired and out of my mind to find that funny enough to actually laugh at and like that even. Anyways yeah I found you adorable. So I added you. Why? At that time I dunno really.. By the way it was in late fall or early winter when this happened last year. I rarely add anyone on my own or even accept people unless I have some sort of interest in them.. If I can sense something more about them than other people. In other words, I felt something special about you that made me want to be friends with you. And I'm glad I went ahead and tried to be your friend because you're actually a real sweet heart. You're able to make me laugh and smile even at the silliest things. And it is a rare thing for me to really do things like that. You bring out another side to me that most really can't. Honestly, yeah people don't usually get to see those sides of me that you've seen yourself. I tend to be distant from people, and I don't really like to be very talkative in groups of people or friends. I guess it just depends.. But I feel in the times I've spent with you, I've been able to ease up a lot more and just really enjoy the time I spend on Gaia in general. All those times you've kept me company in Towns and VH. Always knowing just where to find me xD I really enjoy being in your crews, and seeing how great you are at leading amped smeb crews while still managing to be playful with your friends. It's never a dull moment with you. You've been there for me in hard times when I needed someone to confide in.. I appreciate everything you do for me Nahella I really do. And I know we have yet to really get to know each other.. But I hope that we can do more and only grow closer in the future as we strengthen our bond. Always at your side, your friend.. Shiki. <3


Well, let's see here..
I may not know Nahella as well as some people might, If really at all..
however I do believe since the day I met her and Shiki, I have made a very good friend.
She is very..Energetic at times, if I should say so myself. Quite the opposite of myself on that note.
From what I have seen, just by knowing her how I do, Nahella is the quiet type, a bit shy on occasions.
Despite this, she can, and typically is, very friendly..Do note, like I said, I may not know her very well,
But I know enough to be able to tell that she is a wonderful person, and an absolutely wonderful friend to have, and person to know.
Once more, Despite that I don't know her very well, I couldn't go into an "In depth" explanation about her, or our friendship..
Regardless of that nature, I consider myself fairly lucky and fortunate to have Nahella as a friend,
And anyone who happens to be so lucky as to become one with this..abnormal, and special girl, should consider themselves the same.
It's not every day you meet someone as..Interesting, I should say for lack of a better word as Nahella..And you can only meet one 'Nahella'!
For anyone who reads this, and considers themselves friends with her; Don't be like me and only talk on occasions, Talk to her every chance you get.
( ;D You'll make her feel gooey inside ). My point on this matter is...
Nahella is a truly, wonderful friend, I adore her to some degree, and if I had known her better,
I'd more-or-less think of her, and treat her as if she was my sister ( Meaning you ******** with her, I'll rip your face off with a chainsaw. and eat your heart. )
:3 I'm mostly not entirely sure what else to say, other than "AND I LOVE YOU, RANDOM CITIZEN! ;D"
Sun Gadget

VANESSA NUTBREAD! ^_____^ I love this girl. I suck at making these, so hopefully you get the point of what she means to me/us/her good friends.!! Nutbread is all over the place; above everything, she is one of the sweetest girls I have come across on gaia. She can be scatter-brained but she can work through everything; She is a strong girl. I used to accompany her and Sora for smebs; always a joy to play with her. They were fast, and easy to get through, unless we had a farely new person with us. Lol. She is so silly ! ! Knowing she is going back to school makes me sad, but also very happy for her! She can finally get through another year of chaos, and more on to a more peaceful sector of her life. She really is a "friend" type of person. She loves them! When she can tell she has a good friend near her, she helps prevent that friendship from escalading apart. She and I have a big age gap, but for her age in my opinion she is... She has a head on her shoulders; I can tell she knows the difference between right and wrong. In my book, it matters to know that. AS FOR HER STYLE.... Dis gurl gots "hashtagswag". She makes adorable avatars!! XD They're always different! from green, to black, to pink, to white.. Always makes me want to draw her!! One thing I've noticed about her; she has not lied to me. If she knows something but doesn't want to say, I can tell she doesn't want to hurt the person's feelings. I have respect for her. :] Whenever I need an ear, she's usually right there for me. If I need advice on something, then there she is!! She'll give me her best imput. I hardly ask for advice, but when I randomly do she has responses. YAY FOR NON SILENCED PEOPLE! XD Her username has given her a lot of names; these names make her so random and FUNNY AS HECK. If I want someone to make me laugh, I will put her as one of my friend's who can do that. I love you Vanessa. Even going through troubled times, you know I am always here for you. If you need a shoulder, or an ear, or ANYTHING helpful for you, I am always here. Even if I'm offline, leave a message. You are never alone!! You are loved even if you doubt most of the loves. XD You're somethin' special, dolly. Remember that. :]


OKAYOKAY SO NAHCHAN I DONT KNOW HOW LONG I'VE KNOWN YOU AND SUCH. BUT I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. AND AND I JUST WANT TO LET YOU KNOW THAT I LOVE YOU AND STUFF. AND AND EVEN THOUGH WE HAVENT TALKED MUCH SINCE SCHOOL STARTED FOR ME I FEEL A GREAT CONNECTION BETWEEN US. I AM SO HONORED TO BE YOUR FRIEND. AND I LOVED HAVING EMOJI WARS WITH YOU. WE SHOULD LIKE SMOB MOAR. AND YOU'RE JUST SO AMAZING. WE NEED TO JUST LIKE TALK MORE AGAIN AND STUFF. You make like the best avatars in the world too. ; u ; which is why I made you make me a tektek. I love our bond and such. and this paragraph of mine sucks but it's okay I guess. ; u ; ANYWAY. I change subjects too much I know. > U > BUT. I JUST HOPE I GET TO KNOW YOU MUCH MOAR AND LOVE YOU MORE AND MORE EACH DAY. Let's stay friends forever and never forget each other. And some day Im just going to go to your house and stand there. and I'll like try to hug you while you like run away since you dont like hugs.
I'll be your creeper forever and ever.
I love you. ; u; //throws a ring at you