I'm an eccentric NEET who lives to read and write, my fortes being adult fantasy and yaoi original fiction. I currently have over 20 stories in progress, only about six of them currently running online, am working on book one of a novel trilogy and a novel series (that's two big novels, folks), and a poetry anthology. I also write lyrics and compose my own songs that I lack the confidence to ever sing publicly. I try to illustrate my own works and do character designs for them, but I think I'm pretty much FAIL at that.

I'm a paradoxical entity and chronic optimist, my personality being along the lines of the Type B spectrum. I'm a friendly brooder who enjoys the company of others and having loads of childish fun. I'm a neutral party at all times which makes me a wonderful ally to have in a bind. No sides taken, no betrayals. Though if you're a chronic pessimist or BSing drama queen of the human cesspool, keep your distance cus I dont want none of that shat in my happy bubble. This is not to say I cant be the combative force to your dark mojo, just keep your emo drama to yourself please. The negative against my positive can give me such a frightful headache~

"Sometimes life gets you so down you wanna kick the bucket. And that's when you take a long whiff of air, realize you're still breathing, and say '******** this emo shyt'."

"Me, I'm dishonest. And you can always trust a dishonest man to be dishonest. Honestly, it's the honest ones you have to watch out for, cus you can never tell when they'll do something incredibly...stupid."
~Jack Sparrow from POTC: Curse of the Black Pearl

Women are like sunsets; they're beautiful, but there will always be a different one tomorrow.
~Gilder from Skies of Arcadia

Never do today what you can put off until tomorrow.
~Tsuzuki from YnM

I speak with passion, from the heart! That's what matters most.
~Laguna Loire from FF8

It's not so much that I care what you're doing, but the idiotic way you are doing it.
~Vincent Valetine from FF7

"I'll tell you why I have brought you to hell.....it is so I can ******** you thoroughly."
~Satan from Akuma Eros

"Fuji-senpai, i thought you liked the penal tea?" - Momoshiro
"I do like it. It tastes pretty good." - Fuji
"Then why are you trying so hard not to drink it?" - Momoshiro
"Because I like to watch people suffer more." - Fuji
(to himself)"Dont ever get on this guy's bad side." - Momoshiro
~PoT episode 36?

My Kissing Card~

My RPGs:
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Love this song. I have a thing for songs that get stuck in your head or have a good beat. What can I say? I love having shat to dance to. <33 Not to mention Furuba is just such a heartwarming anime. This video just suits it so well. ^^

The video in my Multimedia section is one I made. If you like it, feel free to visit my channel and watch some of my other AMVs. :3 Click Here!

Random Funny or Inspiring Shtuff:

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My Dragons (Look at them for me!):
Lemnok Etrius
Look At Me!
Look At Me!
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Look At Me!

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Vexjar, Altraer, Kaelynri, Felixpi,
Ginsei, Etrius, Kyrlasher, Cadalphi, Mikki, Lekchar


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You too. Welcome back. smile

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cool avi

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Arigato Nagi-kun. I love my presents ^-^

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ur wellcome

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that is does darling that it does. ^-^
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GAlA Site Assistant 72

xD Well, no problem anyway.
GAlA Site Assistant 72

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GAlA Site Assistant 72

No problem? biggrin ... Now what was it I bought again? xD

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Hey darling, Thanks for the invite. This is pretty fun. ^-^
Rinial Sisterdragon

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Rinial Sisterdragon

gomen! been in the middle of moving actually. ^w^ me and the boyfriend are now officially moved in. >.> mostly anyways. and sky's life has gone hella berserk. her mom's uber annoying mode.
>.< And my YIM has been on the fritz. >.>;;;;

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nice avi


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