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I'm Japanese and half Swiss<3
Sweet Sixteen.
I have dark brown eyes
And my hair is what it is.

I'm pretty much a nerdy freak.
I like music and pie<3
I like the colours pink, blue and green.
I will roleplay with you if you have a group thing going on.
nαffчsαur's αrt chαllєngє OPEN 24/7

Hello, I'm Naffy (Nate), I've decided to give out free art to ANYONE on Gaia. I won't turn you away, unless it would be rated over 18 then please wait for my DA.
I'm pretty happy to draw anything you want, from mecha to furries.

The total, has not been disclosed yet. So far It's free art until I say xD
Do not modify my art and then pass it off as your own. All free art comes with a faint watermark and my sign.

αrt í hαvє drαwn



Balloon Foxx