Family, Friends and Allies

Sayoran Li- Eto...What can I say about Shao....*Deep blush* He is my one and only, the one I have truest feelings for. Once I thought that special someone was Yukito-sama, but Yukito helped me to understand I loved him like I love my father and that my special someone was still waiting for me somwhere. And when Yue-san helped Li-kun realized that he too cared for me and confessed such, it took some time but I realized that I too loved Sayoran.

Tomoyo Daidouji- Tomoyo-chan is my very dearest friend and also my cousin at that! I'm very blessed to have her in my life, it turns out that my mother and hers (who is the owner of a popular toy company) were dear friends when they were little as well! Tomoyo makes beautiful battle costumes for me (and matching ones for Kero-chan) and is really enjoys filming me in them. She's also very good at singing and cooking and she always makes me feel better when I am feeling sad.

Keroberos- When I first met Kero-chan I was very surprised because he came flying out of the Clow book. I thought he was just a talking toy and the flying was an illusion but he explained things to me and I learned he is the Guardian of the seal. Kero loves playing video games in my room and has a a real sweet tooth (though not nearly as bad as Suppi). He is always begging for food because he has a greedy appetite. But he is a great friend and helps me find a way whenever I'm lost on how to capture a card.

Yukito Tsukishiro/Yue- Hanyaaaa! Yukito-san is like the big brother I always wanted. He is very kind and has a HUGE appetite and he sticks up for me when Touya is being mean and calling me kaijuu! As for Yue-san....when he and I first met I thought he was very beautiful but also intimidating! He is the the one who passes the final Judgment for the Clow Cards. Yue is rather cold and doesn't talk much but I know I can turn to him whenever I need advice or if I'm in trouble.

Touya Kinomoto- Though my big brother Touya can be a real mean person sometimes, he's always watching out for me and helping me out when I'm in a bind. Most of the time I have to bribe him by doing his chores or taking over for dinner though! I don't mind though...Touya reminds me of a jack of all trades because he has had so many jobs, he really has worked everywhere! Though I didn't find out about it till it was too late, I guess Touya always had special powers of his own, and he used them to save Yukito-san and Yue because I wasn't powerful enough yet to. Kero and I always had a feeling he was onto us though, heee.

Fujitaka Kinomoto- My father is the most amazing, caring person ever! He is a college professor and he can cook and sew really really well. He is as kind as Yukito and he has never once gotten mad, even when I was bad and accidentally ruined his work while capturing the sleep card; so he's very understanding and easy to talk to. At first Tomoyo's mother, Sonomi and my great grandfather did not approve of my father because he married my mother when they were still young, but I convinced both of them that he is a wonderful person and made mother incredibly happy. After that, dad seemed to be not so sad anymore, and that made me happy.

Nadeshiko Kinomoto -Although I don't remember much about my mother because I was a baby when she passed away, I know this much: My father, brother and I loved her very much and she was very happy and lived a very peaceful life. Mother worked as a model and we have so many wonderful pictures of her all over the house. She taught Touya how to play the piano and although she's no longer with us in body, I'm not sad because its almost like she's always watching us in spirit.

Kaho Mizuki- Hanyaaan! Mizuki-sensei is also a very wonderful person! Although, Sayoran never really trusted her at the beginning. While her presence made him feel uneasy, she always made me feel very loving, I absolutely adore her! I was very surprised to find out that Touya knew her a long time ago, and more surprised to find out that they were an item! Mizuki-sensei is very good at Archery and she lives in a shrine I pass on my way to school every morning. Sometimes if she is really busy I don't mind helping her out. When she moved back to England, we kept in touch through letters and she was always another I could turn to for advice.

Meiling Li- Meiling-chan is unlike any other friend I have! When we first met, Meiling acted as though she were my rival and never failed to let anyone know Sayoran was her fiancee. But after some time, we became fast friends and even though she had to move back to China, we remained such. Though she was upset to find out Sayoran had come to love another, she accepted it and was pushing me to confess my love back to him @///@

Naoko Yanagisawa- Very much like myself, Naoko-chan is very gullible *Prods fingers together*. She believes all the lies Yamazaki tells and doesn't think twice about it. She also believes in aliens and *gulp* g-ghosts! She's always scaring me with ghost and monster gossip! Naoko-chan has an amazing imagination that knows no limits and can always be found reading a good book.

Rika Sasaki- I firmly believe that Rika-chan is my most responsible and mature friend. She is always concerned about the well being of others and she is very intelligent. Whenever anyone is having a harder time picking up on subjects, Rika-chan is there to help. She's really good at home economics too! The only thing she's still learning to better herself at is swimming and I am very excited to be the one to help her with that!

Chiharu Mihara -Chiharu-chan is definitely my most spunky friend, and we always count on her to keep our dear little liar, Yamazaki, in check! Chiharu is on the cheerleading squad with Naoko and I and like me, she's still learning how to get better at sewing and cooking.

Eriol Hiiragizawa- Eriol-kun is actually the reincarnated form of Clow Reed. When we first met, I had felt as though I knew him from somewhere and he and Shao never really got along. Tomoyo-chan told me it was because Sayoran felt his love interest was threatened. Eriol is very mysterious, super smart and is also very suave. He's good at sports, music and he's also very wise....but has the same weakness to tell tall stories like Yamazaki @___@

Clow Reed- Clow Reed was a well known sorcerer that I wish I could have known better. I was fortunate enough to meet him once when I used the RETURN card and he explained to me that I needed to be more confident as a card captor because I was unsure of myself, especially with Yue comparing me to Clow all the time. I feel that Clow Reed, though he was a wise and powerful man, he had a very silly nature about him that he showed through certain cards, take BUBBLE for instance, which he used to bathe Kero-chan. I think this silliness is better seen through Eriol-kun ^^;;.

Yuuko Ichihara- Eto...There is so many amazing things about Yuuko-San...she is actually a dimensional witch! A long time ago Clow Reed and Yuuko were lovers. Yuuko sadly became ill and Clow saved her life, but with the consequence that she would one day disappear when time caught up with her. Yuuko helps people by accepting things that are most precious to them and giving them what they ask for or need in return.


Behind Hazle eyes

User ImageHajimematsute! It's so nice to meet you! My name is Sakura Kinomoto and though I may seem like your every day kid, I am actually a Cardcaptor! But aside from having some magical powers and a book left behind by a wonderful sorcerer, I'm actually fairly normal! I have a lot of great friends at school and my favorite subject is P.E. and least favorite is arithmetic, blech! I live with my very talented father Fujitaka, who is a archeologist professor, and my mean big brother Touya. Eh? My mother? My mother died when I was still very little, but I don't feel lonely because we have pictures all over the house of her from her modeling days.

User ImageEverything all started with a strange dream I had been having for a few weeks. I was wearing a peculiar outfit and there was a stuffed creature that looked like a bear with wings beside me. I was standing atop a tall building over looking Tokyo's tower and there was a figure with golden eyes staring back at me. When I awoke I was confused but had to get ready for school really fast before I was late! Every morning I skate to school with Touya and almost every morning He is there to greet us; my beloved Yukito-sama. Yukito is Touyas best friend, which is AMAZING because Touya is so mean and immature; but he is my brother and does look out and help me so I let it slide (Besides, I can grow really tall and stomp on him anytime, hee hee!).

User ImageAnyway, when I was drawing the stuffed toy I seen in my dreams in class, my best friend Tomoyo-chan seen it and told me it was really cute. She expressed her concern too, saying I looked like I was troubled. Tomoyo is very sweet and has the most beautiful voice I have ever heard. She sure does like taking pictures and videos of me too -sweatdrop-. When I got home from school later that day, I noticed that on the board it said that father and Touya would be home later. So I decided to have a snack before preparing dinner because dad made this yummy pudding (Dad is a great cook and can sew on top of teaching!).

User ImageBut then I heard this really weird sound coming from Dad's study, and I thought it was a burglar! So with my cheer leading baton in hand, I gulped and headed downstairs to see what the noise was. In my search, I felt a strange presence and noticed a peculiar looking book that said The Clow on the cover. The latch clicked and surprised me and I almost dropped it but when I opened it I found a card inside. Curious, I picked it up and read WINDY. All of a sudden, this great wind picked up and blew away everything around me, including the rest of the cards.

User ImageBut the strangest part was yet to come; the animal from my dream, who introduced himself as Keroberos, the guardian of the seal, emerged from the book itself. It turns out that strange sound I heard was really Kero-Chans stomach growling! He explained to me that it was my duty to capture and seal all the cards or a great disaster would befall the world. Though hesitant and unsure at first, I soon learned more about my abilities and before long, I was getting the hang of things


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