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Welcome, Kupo! 3nodding

Talk my ear off please! leave a comment, stalk my posts, if you want to visit my house or mess around towns... if you like Kingdom Hearts or roleplaying it, please tell me I'd love to gush out about it and play with you! biggrin

KH Casual RP Hangout

My oc is my avatar. I'm Nori. It's nice to meet you ^^
I'm 7 years old, and I live in Twilight Town with my mom, and Ember. He's my best friend. I don't have any brothers or sisters or cousins. It's just me and Mom. My favorite food is Ice Cream! And Chocolate. I'm usually around the Sandlot playing with Ember and the other kids or outside the apartments drawing stuff or playing hopscotch. Don't be shy, I'm not mean or scary, promise! you'll see. Just come and say hi! smile

One more thing, I might be an OC, but my heart is attached to my character. So whatever I feel, or say to you, is real. All me.