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.I will †ell you øƒ ...

... Kia†er.

†he Current Obsessioη(s):
: The real Silver Luso.
: Advaηciηg in life.
: Happiηess.
: Acquiriηg a job.
: Learηiηg Russiaη.
: Fiηishiηg school.

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: I am Kiater oηliηe.
: I do ηot speak correctly. But, you will ηever know this.
: I coηsider myself boriηg.
: I love it wheη people smile.
: I am happy. Joiη me.
: Very rarely do I get oηto Gaia.
: I am eηgaged to the Gaiaη on the top, right.
: I waηt to be a ηeurologist.

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"The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination."
--- Albert Einstein

"Punishment can be for many things, sometimes being alive."
--- Keron Shaqullie Holmes

"Nobody realizes that some people expend tremendous energy merely to be normal."
--- Albert Camus

"Why is it humans only look at how to keep just themselves happy? As soon as something that they think will make them the happiest escapes from their hands they will stop chasing it completely as soon as they find something to replace it? Why you ask? Because... no human is willing to fight for anything with all that they are. Time and time again.. only the true warriors are the ones that push on to get what they truly want. What ever you want is in your grasp, all you have to do is reach and fight for it with everything. If you are not willing to do that, you never wanted it that bad in the first place."
--- Mortishai

"Statistically speaking, it's ridiculous to think you'll only be happy, or at least nearly perfectly compatible, with one person in this world of billions."
--- Consecrated Oblivion

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Why do you fight?
For Love? For Hate?
For Power? For Allegiaηce?
For Reveηge? For Dream?
For Justice?
For Siη?
For Destiny?
The world is full of fightiηg.

What do you fight for?


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DonT MinD the PaiN Report | 11/24/2013 5:39 pm
you dont have a clue what people have to live with. sometimes thats all you can do. but im done talking to you about this.
DonT MinD the PaiN Report | 11/22/2013 10:19 pm
well im glad to see you have not had that point happen to you in life. but i have and no i dont wish to talk about it. thank you for your opinion.
katieakamarie Report | 09/20/2009 11:57 am
i see geometry...

Silver Luso Report | 09/18/2009 10:53 pm
User Image
Given: ∠2 and ∠5 are supplementary.

Prove: ∠3 and ∠8 are supplementary.

Using the following proof, choose the final conclusion.

1. ∠2 ≅ ∠3, ∠5 ≅ ∠8 1. vertical angle theorem

2. m∠2 = m∠3, m∠5 = m∠8 2. definition of congruent angles

3. ∠2 and∠5 are supplementary 3. given

4. m∠2 + m∠5 = 180° 4. definition of supplementary angles

5. m∠3 + m∠8 = 180° 5. substitution property

6. ∠3 and ∠8 are supplementary

Silver Luso Report | 09/18/2009 2:56 pm
if I could show you what they were would it help or have you just not done proofs yet?
Silver Luso Report | 09/17/2009 8:34 pm
it's boring because it's fake math, but aside from that I don't know how to do proofs well, or at all, so far it's been adlibbing
Silver Luso Report | 09/13/2009 2:51 pm
are you any good at geometry?
if not can you point me to some one who is?
Silver Luso Report | 08/29/2009 4:49 pm
Silver Luso Report | 08/28/2009 11:45 pm
how dare you block out your journal >=[
MSG Lizzard Report | 08/19/2009 9:12 am
Ok! Its great so far. For a momment it actually had me shakeing. xP
I try to get into my books. When I thought Peeta was working for those slime balls.
xD Its awesome... so far. >.> <.< O_O


Embrace falling.


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