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Hello my name ish story but everyone calls me star <3 i don;t mind hehe. my life in gaia ish awesome i never get tired of it. i love my friends and my love life ^.^ i have been on gaia since july 11 2006 and has been pretty wonderful. i love music, i cannot live without it and neither running nor anime :3 my wishes are to be very happy. as time passes in december dark kun and i started to only talk by pm because we both have been pretty busy.. i was lost for some time to because of a game i am now in named second life but as i visit all my friends back i see dark only answering pm;s and being apart from me =( but i kept visiting and saw rioku and meh old friends again. the drama never wears off in gaiaonline.. ish just funny really ppl take it serious but i am always and minding meh own business and i have been happy that way. i started to help rioku on his problems and it haves been good ^^ me worrying about meh friends.. my firends still last forever like shinn, scalet (mokona) and my friend aemo sadly got banned but still we got comunication and rioku ^^. April 12 2008 happen the worse. i broke up with dark kun. tho it was better being friends. As time past, i kept hanging out in towns and dtill being friends with dark kun..and i found out that rioku still loves me ^^ hehe and well we have been hanging every time ever since and has been pretty fun seeing my old friends too.. plus the drama.. lol didn;t think that rioku got that popular without being with him surprised but am glad ^^ that he is happy too.Grrr how dare zenba use rioku like that... grr i got scammed and i wasnt complaining.. and plus he called me a flat chestes biach grrrrr... as i said zenba u will regret this..Well it has been 10 days after that fight and rioku disappeared on me again x_X i just don;t know what to do anymore... i even try to quit gaia but thinking about friends and starting again will help me forget all the bad things that have happen but guess it has been rather dificult to...hope rioku comes in 2 days or so ...i will have to be on other ways.12 days have past and still no sign of rioku.. but this have help me spend more time with the few friends i got and with hiharo.. ^^ he ish so awesome... today 23 rioku appeared not wating him to forget him... but was hard because i dunno waht to do now.. and there ish all this drama with poor hiharo that am defending him so.. i sure hope things get better in tme. am tired of drama and ppl abandon me but now he have appeared and everything ish better.. i will never give up on him as he will not give up on me.. i just missed him alot.. but we back together and i love him^^ yeahy finally he ish back and wecan stay together forever but as always not everything ish colored with pink.. he got until june 6 to connect.. and so doesnt happen i will move on. am tired of always waiting for a love that ish never there.. today june 6 as he promised he never connected was meh choice to move on or quit. But from everything negative positive comes, Rioku is back and we as happy as better together and we will be together forever and maybe see each other soon. Well again we both started
getting carry away and busy .. and not being together again..So now i have decided to be just single and free.. and to just go around towns and meet new friends. maybe i will find my love around soon ^^ Message for girls: dont love someone that doesnt love you back or doesnt even give you a chance because its a horrible feeling -.-. But dont give up keep on trying because if you really love that person.. maybe someday he will love you back ^^ But doesnt matter to me because now i see him as a friend only. i am going to move on and find someone that really cares about meh and that loves meh back...i know that he already exist. i have found him but i have to be shhhh <3 just some ppl dont let others love freely.. always getting into others feelings and wuv..>.> women. rioku and iare together again but he comes and goes so he isnt on much as he used too and i hope he ish alright.. and i miss him a lot. Hope we can meet in rl and be together forever :3.. again rioku has gonna for quite some time and am scared for someone to take his place on being there for meh because i don't wish that. i got now a new friend called angel blaze.. he is the one that is always there for meh now.. and companies meh while rioku ish away.. guess am not alone. Am proud to have rioku as my wuv <3...As i appear to be taken in gaia yet i dont feel that i am because of stupid fights and lost of communication.. so then am finding myself that i am alone again..every fight means something at the end.. Now that time has passed well things in my relationship with him hasn't been going as i tho they would be.. am not being the only one loving him..that all i can say..
Love that will never end...<3 Rioku and I .I cant believe how gold can affect ppl and relationship on wanting to break..Things are finally fix again.. thank God for communication biggrin Yoshi Knight aka my best friend :3 Rioku has appeared leaving and not sure when he ish going to come back ..but i think he wont.. he wants meh to be happy and not be alone..<3 guess everything ish back to normal, friends, love and happiness ^_^ Well i guess i got no heart from someone else anymore just because of problems so am not sure if i can call myself alone again. hey been only on and off gaia because not much happening but am sure that i still got good friends here that still care about meh even all of drama has going on (lost some there) but oh well am ok.. and loving my life always. <3 oh and am finally officially single! woot. Am starting new but been hard most everyone has just moved on and well i have stayed behind... start from the beginning sad
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Telling a Story about it <3

In this journal i have put all my dream avi;s and poems.


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IMANOOT Report | 07/24/2010 9:07 am
How much longer are you gonna use this account?
TotoroTomo Report | 07/22/2010 11:27 pm
Hot. :]
-FruityLuu Report | 07/22/2010 5:53 pm
masquerade 4 300k
IMANOOT Report | 07/21/2010 6:55 pm
phew! sweatdrop
IMANOOT Report | 07/21/2010 6:53 pm
Nu!! Explain now please? =(
IMANOOT Report | 07/21/2010 6:49 pm
What's with your status!!! D;
oShxt Matt Report | 07/21/2010 5:23 pm
oShxt Matt
Hey , Ill give you Demonic anklet , Verizon Glases , And Masqerade 9th Gen for Chyaku Scarf ?
ii-Zero-Kiryuu-ii Report | 07/21/2010 12:06 am
lol its cause u wuv meh^^
ii-Zero-Kiryuu-ii Report | 07/19/2010 3:08 pm
Hrmm ill stick with sucky friend ^^ cause then i dont have much responsibility as a funny friend, or a weird friend ect
IMANOOT Report | 07/19/2010 10:22 am
*Glomp* It's fine ^_^ Oh, and guess what!
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