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Hey! My name is Jessica, but you can call me Neko or Nekozumi. Now, in this short little paragraph, I am going to attempt to tell you a little bit about me and about the things I like. Well, for starters, my favourite thing is Acting, I plan to be an actress some day. I also love anime and horses. I go to high school, I won't tell you which grade I am in, but I take English Enriched, Drama, and Spanish (among other classes). I love to play Dance Dance Revolution, I have yet to try Guitar Hero, and I also like to play The Legend of Zelda and Okami. I play electric guitar except I suck at it and I've been playing for 5 years. I love to roleplay, feel free to mail me asking me to join a roleplay, just as long as it is literate. Anyways, thats pretty much it.

Favourite Anime (At the moment): D. Gray Man
Favourite Colour: Blue
Favourite Couple: Too many to count.
Favourite Book Series (At the moment): Twilight, but I'm not going to fangasm over it.
Favourite Character(s): Allen (D. Gray Man) and Train (Black Cat)
Favourite Manga (At the moment): D. Gray Man.


Nekozumi's Journal

Hi I'm Nekozumi. Like any other Gaia player I like anime and I like to play on computers. My favourite animal is the horse which might sound funny because Nekozumi means cat lover. Cats are my second favourite animal. (the tiger in general)



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thx 4 buy

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Awww. yay!
oh yea, I'm going as Dante from FMA now to the anime convention too. XD
As well as articuno. I gots a hoopskirt from a thrift store! =D

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Neko- I luv you.
Just so ya know. <3

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xo indigold

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xo indigold

[/points at status] Atsui desu ne?
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Mini-golfing = SO MUCH FUN. <3333
I asked my coach if we could go one day. He laughed and said he'd think about it. = w =
.. .. ..
OHMY. I'm thankful I've never heard of that happening here. D: ;;;

I'm in Geometry, which is easy so far. My teacher doesn't give out much homework, but when she does, it's like, 35 problems. D: ;;
/ no lie. Dx
I've heard Middle School is actually worse. And it is. = o =
MS was HELL for me. I got stuck with the clique-y, trouble-making class.
But we're doing better this year. Probably 'cause the teachers were warned about us. XDDD
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Yeah. > o <
I mean, just tapping your leg with a putter can give you a bruise. D8
So like, a tiny white ball going 40mph is potentially lethal. : D
It's heart-stopping at first, then you just start laughing. = w =

Yes. That is good to hear. 8D
Oooh, ditto there. Small doses only.
Physics? What goes up must come down! There ya go. X3
I'm kinda used to it, actually. It's not as scary as expected. I've only gotten one threat to throw me in the dumpster so far! 8D
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I kid you not. I'm on the golf team, and during our meet today, one of the girls was hitting, and I was in a position where I was 99.99999% sure I was not going to get hit.
IT GOES RIGHT NEXT TO ME. I was all, "hjfdgisdfukjssbsjh! D8"
It was pretty funny. XD

/ clingu
I've been good. =3
I started High School! It's... different. D:
Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu? / 'u' abuse
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I totally know what Yugi's talking about. D:
/ almost got mauled by a golf ball today

Also... hiiiii. > w >