Dha one and Only-] M3

....tiara be mah name..look for all yewh ppl..
dont be on mah paqe tryna start drama because ii dont ridee widd that...so please if yewh aint qot nothin nice to say..dont say nothin to meh at all...haha..been birthed dha realest &'d dhat will always be...&'dheyy if he is yah man..then whyy was he on here talkin to meh..hmm?..dnt be on mah paqe tryna chomp meh off...ok?....hahaha....oh &'d hey..its only gaia..not mah personal lifee..dont try and qet up all in mah business...

"ima neva livee mah lifee widd regrets cause
ii know ii madee that mistake for a reason &'d ima learn from it"
-tiara '10