✖ Previously known as: HerbaI | xieur | WlFI | oyuq | Arteastiq |
✖ I'm Currently 18 years old
✖ Study Module as Social Web Design Development
✖ My Birthday is March 17th
✖ I am a Singaporean
✖ I've been on Gaia since 03-04's
✖ I love Arts and Photography
✖ I zomg'd on my other Account (@papaSaw | @shallowSea | @DMS)
✖ I love sketching and receiving Artworks from others
✖ Favorite color is Rainbow
✖ I love cosplaying, I'm kinda shy when doing it with other people

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✖ My favorite animal is the Panda and Pingu
✖ Favoriite food: Dessert and Pasta, TomYam and Asam Laksa
✖ Feel free to comment me. All messages will be ignored!
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✖ I'm only mean when you annoy me
✖ My hobbies are: being on the computer, hanging with my friends,
✖ catching up with all vampires show
✖ My favorite quotings:

" Being nice to someone you dislike, doesn't mean you're fake. It means you're mature enough to tolerate your dislike towards them."

Don't hestitate asking me if you have any questions, <3


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