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Lemon Here, you prissy goody two shoe mew mews better not bother me. I’m only here reporting for duty.
If you are interested in Getting to know me though, I guess I can spare a few details about me.

My full name is Remon Kitoshi, But Remon is such a childish name, and I have no clue what my parents were thinking naming me after food.

After some klutzy waitress, spilled my food all over my school uniform, I was taken back into the cafe’s changing room to clean up, after wards I stumbled into a weird room, What happened next I’m not sure, But I had the genes of a Florida panther in me, but unlike most, I used them for evil deeds instead of good.

I’m afraid I might have said too much, Nui…

I Have an embarrassing Secret Though...It usally harder for me to express how I really feel to others...I usually come off as being...rude..

Good day Nui...
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....Data Found...
Name: Remon Kitoshi
Meaning: Lemon Yellow City
Age: 16
DOB: December 17
Height: 5’5
Weight: 120lbs
Body Build: Remon is full figured, with a chest and a waist to prove it. (c
Eyes: Teal
Hair: Copper/Carmel
Length: Mid-thigh
- She will always try to have it held back by some sort of hair tie, usually with a bow behind her back, or towards the very end of her hair.

Nationality: French/Japanese
Blood type: B
- Some say the people with B type blood are independent and stronger-willed; that they tend not to care about what others think about them. They hold the things dear to them close, often get caught up in task and will ignore other things until it is completed, and can be shallow and impatient.

Appearance: Remon’s eyes are just slightly larger than most, and she almost always has her hair tied back, usually with bows, and leaves just two strands hanging loose on each side of her face. She is most commonly seen in her school uniform. Outside of school, her usual attire consists of collared blouses, skirts (pleated and non), and a few casual shirts. She also likes to wear loose socks and tennis shoes.
[School Uniform]
Personality: She is independent and wont let people get in her way. Remon is a very rude girl, always sure she’s right, and she hates it when people try to tell her otherwise. If she has a problem with someone, they’ll be sure to know it. When in battle, she has a tendency to rush in without thinking and let her temper get the best of her. In short, she’s hot tempered, close minded, rude, and somewhat selfish.

Strong Points: Great leadership skills
Weak Points: Stubborn to a fault

History: Remon’s parents are divorced; Remon stayed with her father, and the two moved in Osaka for two years. Her mother, moved back to Paris, and for unknown reasons, has not kept in touch with her daughter. Remon refuses to be like her mother, and adopted a more business-like mentality and lifestyle to mirror her father. Just before she turned 16, she had him send her back to their old house in Tokyo for school; her father stayed behind for his work, checking in with her whenever possible.

One day, Remon entered a sickly cute café in search of something tasty. Inside, the café was in chaos; the waitress tripped, and spilt her order (which was wrong) all over her. She went to complain to whoever was in charge, and in her fight to the back, she stumbled into a weird room with an even weirder gun pointed at her. A red-headed girl shouted for her to leave just before Remon was engulfed by a warm light.

She woke up on a bench just a few blocks from her house, not entirely sure what had happened. A few days later, she remembered it all, including the startling revelation that her DNA had been merged with that of a Florida Panther, and was now Mew Mew Lemon. Instead of trying to save the planet, she decided to use her new-found power to fulfill her own needs. Mew Mew Lemon was responsible for a string of petty theft around the city, thriving on the adrenaline rush and merely dumping the loot once she had evaded the police. Her luck would only take her so far, though, and she was eventually caught. Enter: Kenji. He explained that he was willing to break her free, on the condition that she would work for him. Unable to see a better way out, she hesitantly accepted.

-Likes and Dislikes-
Favorite Food: Kabayaki
Least Favorite Food: Mushrooms, she doesn't like the thought of eating a 'fungus'
Favorite Class: Athletics: Gymnastics (They don’t consider Remon’s powers cheating, and she still cant best the top of the class. She also hates to wrap her chest up, she never had a problem until the 'growth spurt' happened a few years ago)
Least Favorite Class: Home Ec. /Cooking (She can't really cook, leading to her ordering out and gaining weight.)
Favorite Color: Red
Overall Favorite Things: Clothes, bathes, competition, sports, and card games.
Overall Least Favorite Things: Crowds, being told what to do, loud noises, storms, deep water, and swimming.

School: Tatsumi High School
- Tatsumi High school is an elite school with difficult admissions and heavy emphasis on high grades. The school grounds are sorted by gender, with boys to the left and girls to the right of the school.
- Remon took hold of the title of Girls Student Council President with her stern and oft-time harsh attitude. Her motivations are solely goal-orientated, with college admissions in mind, and though the students may not like her, her solid work and leadership skills have earned her their respect.

Future Goals:
Job - Remon hopes to be a lawyer, believing her stern attitude and overall character will aid her in the courts. She has already begun saving and investing money to prepare to get into a good college and law school.

Family- Not only does Remon not have the time to think about building a family in the future, she doesn’t really want to right now.

Love Life:
Her- While Remon denies it, telling herself it is an admiration of power, she has unknowingly begun to fall in love with Kenji while working with him. She vehemently tries to ignore the feelings, thinking that love only hurts in the end and will waste time, her time.

Him- Kenji originally helped Remon just because he was interested in how she could help him in return. As the two began to work together, however, he would start to fall in love with the girl, seeing pieces of her personality that others missed. Instead of directly admitting it, Kenji merely acts very lovey-dovey towards her, which only serves to confuse and slightly freak out her.

Fan Girl Appuru Remon despises this lost puppy of a girl, annoyed by her constant following. She has respected and admired Remon ever since they met when she transferred to the school. Appuru sees Remon as what she wants to be, even growing her hair out to emulate the other girl.

Playboy- Aisu actually has no real interest in Remon. The Boy Student Council President has dated numerous girls without a care, and was greatly amused when Remon rejected him. He creates a game of trying to win her over, despite the fact that he is actually in love with Appuru. Appuru is too upset with him to care about her former childhood friend right now, so he waiting for things to cool off before he makes another move.

Best Friend Remon loves Natsumi as much as any friend can. One of her few childhood friends Remon has kept in contact with, Natsumi allows Remon to relax around her without fear of retribution. Though she keeps her Mew identity from her, Natsumi is still privy to many of Remon’s secrets.

Mew Name: Mew Mew Lemon
Animal DNA: Florida Panther
Eyes: Green
Hair: Golden yellow
Mew Mark: An orange paw print on the middle of her chest, just below her collar bone, represents the Florida panther's large paws.
Transformation Call: Mew Mew Lemon! Metamorphosis!

- Colors: Rich yellow and black.
- Design: A yellow strapless tube-top styled top with faint seams running through; it splits into four petals that reach her knees. The petals sit around her (one front, one back, one right, and one left) and begin just below her waist where the seams stop. The bottom of the petals fade into black, and underneath the top, she wears black shorts.
- Shoes: Black knee-high boots with metal trim and soles.
- Garter is on her left leg.
- Pendent: The same design as the original Mews, only the design is upside down.
Visual: [Mew Uniform]
Weapon: Lemon Glaive
- An alto recorder that extends out into a glaive during combat. If it is knocked away from Lemon during combat, or Lemon is knocked unconscious, the glaive will transforms back into a recorder.

Ribbon/Reborn Lemon Blitz!
This is Lemon’s main attack. She gathers energy at the top of her glaive, and when all the energy is collected, she swings it at her foe. The energy bursts out in all directions, some streams flying wildly, while a few others can lock onto and chase foes for short distances. (After a certain distance, they will also fly off randomly.)

Ribbon/Reborn Lemon Rapture!
This is Lemon’s secondary attack. Lemon slams her glaive into the ground, cracking it and sending streams of light out, resulting in a blinding light. This intense light will confuse and disorient foes, making them lightheaded, and may cause weaker opponents faint.

Cat Transformation: Remon will turn into a golden cat whenever she is extremely embarrassed. She can return to her human form when she is submerged underwater, or thoroughly soaked.

Status: Dark
- At first, Remon wasn’t even going to use her powers when she learnt of them, but temptation grew and she began to abuse them. She started playing games of cat and mouse with the police, stealing items just for the rush and as an outlet for boredom. She is uninterested in the actual items themselves, usually dumping them in trash once she had evaded the police.

All games have to end at some point, however, and Lemon was eventually caught. Here, Kenji appeared, saying he could get her out of this mess before she was discovered to be Remon. After a brief bout of hesitation and arguments, she agreed, and was left indebted to him. The conditions of his help were revealed to be that she was to help him with his mysterious schemes in return. She would be taught about her powers and how to master them, and other aspects of being a Mew. When time came that he dismissed her, she refused and chose to stay. After all this time, she had grown accustomed to this life and secretly fallen in love.

Other: Girl's Student Council President/ School Student/ Waitress at Cafe Mew Mew, She is also afraid of deep water.
Also Kioko is The name her Father would of named her if Remon's mother wasn't so keen on having Her Named after a Lemon. Remon tries to get people to call her Kioko since she thinks It's rather silly to be named after a food.

((reborn is the correct way IMO, but if you prefer Ribbon I`ll use that, also do not rip my profile sheet to make you're own mews profile sheet from please and thank you.))

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When you made your guild how did you add a pic to the guild home page? crying cause I don't know how

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copy/paste this to 10 profiles and log off then log in and check your money and you'll get 100,000 it really works

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Long time no see, eh?
Seems like you're one of the few whose Mew Mew is still in-tact, and occasionally active. So I figured I'd drop by to see how you've been.

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Long time no speak, eh, Lemon? sweatdrop I lost access to this account years ago. Now, I have it back. smile

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Oh my gosh I LOVE your avi! She looks like Fate from Magical Girl Nanoha!! =D

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i would love to join your cafe mew mew guild <3 is there a fox mew yet? whee
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Hey! ^-^ You use to know me as Kiichigp. =3
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