Hey, love!

Welcome to my profile~

I'm mysty, but you can call me ivy too =) either way, i'm sure you'll get a response.
Right now, I'm a total newbie here at Gaia, so I'm currently on a mission to know each and every nook in Gaia - something I hope to do sometime before I die. I tend to procrastinate a damn lot and as of now, I'm way too busy stalking other people on forums. ninja

Well, I have no idea what else I should add here, so I'll list out my interests and you can read/laugh/cry/obsess over them. They include:

emotion_kirakira reading (I'm a bookworm, and a proud one too)
emotion_kirakira loving (there's not enough in the world)
emotion_kirakira being there for my friends (coz they're the awesomest bunch of people)
emotion_kirakira Harry Potter (the greatest gift bestowed upon us by JKR)
emotion_kirakira reading (did I mention that already?)

Anyway, that's bout it. I'm not gonna list out everything I love to do or think about. Those are reserved for my friends. Not a stranger like you. But, please do add me as your friend, if you like, or PM me if you want to have a nice chat. ^_^


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Hey Hey how you been?

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I'm glad you're having fun! heart I don't know your preferred style, but I sent you a couple items I had extra of to maybe start to out with. : ) I'll send you some more later. ^^

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Hey girly. smile How you liking Gaia so far?