Dream Avi

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UH- UH....

Mystiria Angel
Da Momo Rawr
Ino Luna

I'm the sense ofyoure dreams . i am the reson whyu live. im the awesomestperson ever ...but i ask myself why?u tell me all these things ... but the truth is, u love some-one else n in ur heart deep inside u pretend i am the one ... but sorry i am who i am n i hope u will accept it someday

I'm not a ********' slut you ******** c**k sucker,
your mom's the one letting everyone ******** her.
Everyone knows she's a ********' ho,
sucks d**k on the corner for a little blow.
Just because I like to freak each and every night of the week,
don't mean I can't resist temptation,
hell I don't give a damn about my reputation.

The best mom ever
n 4 ever
i love u <3

My awesome sis <33