Tikeshi of the Hell Gates

Kekkei-Genkai: Shibakugan

This Kekkei-Genkai is a genetic mutation of a Byakugan/Sharingan hybrid. The chances of inheriting this bloodline trait are 1 in 1000000000. The Shibakugan allows the user to perform any Byakugan/Sharingan technique and it allows the user to access advanced forms of the Byakugan/Sharingan.

Inner Demon: Mystic Dragon of the Hell Gates

Razaku is the Mystic Dragon of the Hell Gates.
Every 1000 years, he kills his current host and searches for their relatives. The relative with the closest genetic code will be Razaku’s new host. Therefore, this demon is a family-based demon. If the members of the family are terminated, then Razaku chooses another family that has the closest genetic similarity to the previous host. Anyone in control of Razaku is said to have nearly infinite chakra potential. The host’s chakra rises exponentially for each year that Razaku resides inside of him. The amount of chakra that the host generates depends on the amount of mental and physical training. More vigorous training will lead to more power. When a host reaches a new level of power gained by intense training, he will gain a Line of Fortitude. Lines of Fortitude show the power of the host. Razaku’s host must agree to serve him in the afterlife in exchange for his power.

Tikeshi is capable of performing any type of jutsu thanks to his Shibakugan although he specializes in Ninjutsu.

Special Jutsu:

Oxygen-Manipulation Jutsu: When this jutsu is performed, Tikeshi can increase/decrease the density of oxygen near him. The range of this jutsu is determined just like Shikamaru’s Shadow-Possession Jutsu. This jutsu can be performed as long as Tikeshi has the chakra for it.

Demon-Fist Jutsu: When this jutsu is performed, Tikeshi’s hands glow with Royal Blue chakra and become as hard a neutron star. Tikeshi gains the impact force of 2 mega-ton hammers. While using this jutsu, he feels no pain in his fists when he hits something. There is a drawback to this jutsu. It can only be performed for as long as he can hold his breath. Normally, Tikeshi can only hold his breath for 2 minutes. When he exhales, his fists turn back to their normal color and he must hold his breath and perform the Demon-Fist Jutsu once again. If used in conjunction with his Oxygen-Manipulation Jutsu, he can increase the density of oxygen, therefore allowing him to hold his breath for prolonged periods of time after one inhalation. Using this technique, he has held his breath for over 30 minutes. This ability will advance based on the amount of chakra that Tikeshi can generate.

Heart of Razaku Jutsu: This jutsu is based on Tikeshi’s heart rate. After this jutsu is performed, it allows him to tap into Razaku’s chakra reserve temporarily (only in the most desperate situations). Tikeshi’s chakra increases to 5x what it is at the moment. This jutsu can only be performed if Tikeshi’s heart rate goes over 200 beats per minute. So enemies shouldn’t make him nervous, anxious, or scared because he may use this jutsu on them. After this jutsu is finished, Tikeshi’s body will be in an over-exhausted state and he will be immobile. That is why this jutsu is a last resort. Tikeshi needs to be careful when performing this jutsu because he may have a heart attack while in a fight.

Summoning Jutsu: Demon Assembly
Tikeshi has a special summoning jutsu that allows him to summon Razaku’s Slaves of the Hell Gates. Anyone condemned to hell serves under Razaku. Tikeshi will one day be Razaku’s slave. These slave demon souls have the ability to possess any non-human creatures and objects. Animals, trees, soil, rocks, and other things can be possessed and turned against an enemy as long as they are surrounded by oxygen. The size of the object that is possessed can only be controlled if Tikeshi has enough chakra. Bigger animals and objects require more chakra. Hosts of these demons will be granted back their sanity if their temporary Razaku Seals are broken by means of jutsu of physical attack.

Gamma Crush Jutsu: This jutsu quickly absorbs the ground surrounding Tikeshi. It usually has a range of about 50 feet. This jutsu turns solid ground into small pebbles, allowing the ground to swallow nearby trees, animal, bushes, etc.

Kinjutsu: More Details to Come!!!


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