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I'm 18. My name is Rian, which is the Gaelic (old Irish) spelling of the common name, Ryan. It is pronounced the same way.
I'm an Avid watcher of the SciFi network, AMC, and Cartoon network. (I love action and explosions)
I of course love Science, I want to be an Environmentalist and create the policies of tomorrow that will form a better future. I love school, because I value knowledge.
I'm fairly easy going, situation permitting.
I can be pessimistic, though at my core I'm an Optomist. Really I think I just know too much for my own good. XD
I like to make people laugh, especially my friends.
I've been a gamer, primarily cards and consoles, all my life. Go Nintendo! :}
My favorite literature is fantasy and science fiction novels and Manga, primarily Shonen, though I do have a soft spot for Shojo.
I live in New York. Rain is good, too much sun is bad, but so is too much Snow. Haha
I'm more shy than most people, though I have an un-canny ability to get along with almost anyone if I feel like it.
By heritage I am 75% French (Canadian), 15% Italian (Northern), and 5% Irish.
Note to the human race - Take care of the Earth it's the only home you've got. :}
Other things I can mention, hmm let's see. I'm an atheist, I play the Cello and Piano, my orientation is straight, and I'm a democrat/independent.
America is a good country it just has to get its priorities straight, and stop electing Republicans. LoL
Description of my appearence because obviously the random Gaian has no clue what I look like. I have Hazel eyes and Brown hair, both of which get lighter the longer I'm in the sun. I'm over five feet tall, 5'8'' if I recall. I wear glasses and always have. My left ear is pierced. I have very defined features, including a nice nose (according to my friend Ichigo XD) and graceful lips,don't know where that came from. XP
Anything else you want to know, just ask, I'm a very open and honest (sometimes too much) person.
I've found the love of my life so hands off ladies. ;3

I'm finally going to SUNY-ESF. My future starts here. ^^
"The beginning has just begun."


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PrincePip Report | 10/03/2009 3:54 pm
Woah-happy early birthday
Forgot we all shared the day
Relay this note to your brother too please
-Nitemare Inspector- Report | 08/18/2009 1:03 am
That sucks worse.... Too bad people can't even see a good avi even when it's right in front of there face...
Pretty much, they tend to spaz out and freak out a lot.
...That makes a lot of sense. Especially since there is a family of cats on our back fence that let me pet them only when I bring food....
True, all they need is thumbs and they would be in charge of everything. xD
xD You'd be surprised, most of the time I think they are just as bad as dogs.
Lucifer? biggrin Oh that would be perfect. Good little sinister kitty. >:]
Ouch, well she shouldn't worry too much. If you forget anything she will only be a half hour away. *FIRE ZE MISSILES!*
Actually, If all goes well my classes will be in the evening only. That is if I can be placed into the math class I signed up for.
Lucky! I don't think it has lockers. The college is only 10 minutes away by car. Occasionally less and occasionally more depending on traffic.
-Nitemare Inspector- Report | 08/18/2009 12:41 am
Hmm, thought so. xD
Good Point. Although I think one of them came awfully close to winning one time didn't they?
I think I might wait another week before I shock them with my "Full-Blown Blondeness" xD
Hey, cats are moody. xD That's like the opposite with my parents.
My mom had a cat that would constantly attack my dad. Can't blame it though. biggrin
That they would. ^^ And they are ever so cuddly~
-Nitemare Inspector- Report | 08/18/2009 12:23 am
Hmm, what you need is a kitten. They always work. xD
-Nitemare Inspector- Report | 08/18/2009 12:22 am
Sadly no they aren't. ><
Except that usually people just stay away from me. xD Maybe it's that:
"Come close and I'll eat your head"
vibe I have going. Thank you, and I'm guessing this avi is the newest one you will be submitting for Ganondorf?
*sigh* It's still in it's five different tones. Though the blonde roots are getting longer everyday. xD
-Nitemare Inspector- Report | 08/18/2009 12:14 am
Is that cosplay the Interlopers one?
Just rated it, but.... they really need to stop calling them Dark Link.
I know, I usually go on there just to sit and do nothing. And amazingly it never gets boring.
So what are you doing up so late?
Ki the Guardian Report | 08/13/2009 4:26 pm
I think this is your bet Ganondorf yet Ri!!!
I have a feeling your Interlopers won't win (because people are stupid that way).
But if that Ganondorf doesn't win then nothing you enter ever will. It's a shame you can't enter them both at the same time. You could beat yourself! lmao
What do you still need for the shop guy or the camera guy???
Mooneys gal Report | 08/13/2009 4:44 am
Thanks ^^ no not for two weeks im going on holiday next sat for a week, but i'll enter the week after ^^ I love your entry, they really scared the hell out of me when i was playing through it
Ki the Guardian Report | 08/10/2009 9:05 pm
I've determined that "Masterpieces" is my favorite item on Gaia, since I just can't seem to ever do an avi without it.
Oh well, I guess I'll forever be a Masterpiece. It matches my pro anyway. XP
-Nitemare Inspector- Report | 08/02/2009 3:29 pm
I know, I'm just too lazy to change it. (Don't worry, I intend to transfer to a larger school after two years at this college.)
Only redecorating one bathroom makes sense though. The other can always be done later. So how far exactly is your new house from your school and ki's school?
The 26? Yeah, that is close. I believe mine starts that same week too.