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i dont care anymore let it fly

i know i love her is all i can say i just wanna be with her more an more everyday she makes my heart burst in so many ways with i want to spend the rest of my days this distance my heart will slay with all the love hate games we always play i cant wait till we meet someday i know damn sure i know its love is what i say i care so much i wish to touch her heart and her soul but sometimes i feel low but before i can go that i must show what you mean to me my little duckie i know i am lucky when i hear you say ******** kidding you know im skidding the rest of the way until our final wedding bell days it may take sometime but i know your a dime worth the wait i know that you hate but when we finally kiss i know it will be fate babe dont give up its never to late i cant wait till the date we we share our first kiss the only thing i promise i wont miss tis what i will do with a passion to our kids we will pass on is my only mission to tell how we first met and tell it was love i bet were my first words when we spoke if true love that will fly free like a dove just keep that hope i know i wont choke when i get on one knee and ask you to marry me

why god why
i sit here asking why god why,
why would you let me cry,
why would you let my cousin die,
why would let the love of my life sigh,
why god why would you make me hurt inside,
have all this pain never to subside,
let the little children cry make them empty hollow and tryed,
im supposed to abide to all the rules you lied!
i know i should have died why i was born im sorry to make you forelorn
even my mother wishes i was never born!
all i ever do is ask why god why help the people to get bye
dont let so many die,
dont make the children cry,
help the mothers to find love inside,
help all those who need,
stop making the forsaken bleed,
they did not heed,
im sorry they did not read,
even know ive heard them plead,
god i know you bleed,
but why are you so mean not just to me but we.

i see these things
a hollowed soul torcherd scream
in the depths of the ream
evil things chasing me many horrible, mean
as i run they poke fun
scratching clawing at me
to hurt, destroy me kill me
but as they will try i will never die
for i posses the skill and
have the will to live forcefully
while existing feabley trying to wake me
scornfully screaming in my ear
though never to hear
shakely to break down in tears
as all my fears have been realized
my body has expired
i start to perspire as i stand next to it
i find my life has just ended
regretfully i stand mended wondering
why is my soul is still suspended on this plain of
life after death
in this book is my poem word and thoughts

My soul release it from the prison of heart. For I yearn for your love i will sacrifice my body to in twine our spirits in the heavens. Above the love to never be realized but undaunting to be forsaken and shunned for not being underst



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Report | 05/17/2009 8:07 am


you are never on. D=

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f ur wilLing or jst give me some iTemz...

pls.. mwah! User Image

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ey its me james this profile of mine i lost the email adress and i cant use my saftey question to get on it any just message me on this profile and add me back i will get back to you soon mypoetstarlight2
phoenix lynn of dreams

Report | 10/09/2008 10:15 pm

phoenix lynn of dreams

I asked a guy out he called me a freck an told me to never talk to him some times i wonder is this world ment for me? or am i ment for the world?
phoenix lynn of dreams

Report | 09/09/2008 8:31 am

phoenix lynn of dreams

hey, i know i haven't been on lately we need to talk badly

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u never get on rawr get onnnnnnn

Report | 07/13/2008 5:19 am


Aight. Well..I'm sorry for snpping a few months ago.

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rawr my b roke so im barely on sorry

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hi!long time no see-thegreatestcheeze
[Chaotic Dreamer]

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[Chaotic Dreamer]

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