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Heh,the stuff I allow you to believe is about me.

I really like muffins. dramallama
I also really like this Llama! dramallama
I know for a fact 99% of people who view my page don't read this.
So why do I keep writing?
For that special 1%(:
First off...I am a Geek.
I still own my first Game Boy.

I love my life. My sins. Passion. Dreaming. My own world and fantasy. Painting. Art. Music. Books. Writing letters. Mysterious places. Walking. Concerts. Interesting people.
Moreover I try to be nice with everyone but you'll either completely love me or you'll hate me more than anyone else in this planet, either way my life goes on. o_0

I am real person,and not a soup can so don't f*&king label me! I am very dominant and hard to please.I am full of brilliant ideas.

My "Dream Avi." Gifts of gold are amazing for birthdays,holidays and anniverseries . :3

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Total Value: 42,818,689 Gold
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Item List:
Little Black Bat
Metal's Last Hope
À la Fondue
Elven Ears (Tone F)
Leather Collar with Cross
Kottan Bell Reunion
Bellissimo Pianoforte
Wed to Darkness
Pale Marionette
Pale Marionette
Grim Reaper
Celestial Emissary
Compass of Seidh

I love photographs Memories are a very precious to me, and pictures help me to relive my memories. Remind me of worse times; help me to understand where I have come from and how to learn from my mistakes and misfortunes that have befallen me.

Now what's up with this Japan-hype? It's not like if you are *Kawaii* (which means cute) enough, memorize tons of useless Japanese words, listen to J-rock, eat sushi or collect manga-stuff, you'll magically turn into a Japanese person. Its Ok if you love the stories and the Japanese history. Who doesn't? But looking like a complete moron and acting like a 6-year old (which is very Kawaii... *puke*) is NOT ok. You should be ashamed of yourself. If there still were samurai, they would come kill you first.

In winter, I find the greatest summer clothes and vice versa. Slightly annoying.

I think global warming is overrated.

I have some kind of mental disease. I don't know what it is, but it's definitely there.

I am easily annoyed by teens. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate them all,considering nearly all my friends ARE teens and I am a Teen myself. But it's like the majority of them can't speak normally, they always have to yell, use non-existing words, make stupid moves while they talk ... Just to get some attention. Saying something intelligent on a normal tone does not cross their minds. But secretly, I know I was like that too when I was younger. So here is a big SORRY to everyone I have annoyed with my stupidity back then.

I am obsessed by laundry. I love doing laundry! I know,it is weird.

I talk back at commercials. "No no, YOU should buy it yourself. You can't convince me by showing a stupid shampoo bottle flying around on a screen." And yes, sometimes there is name calling involved.



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xxMurr_Betchxx Report | 12/29/2010 1:11 pm
Lol, I'm talking to you on Facebook about it. But still congrats.
xxMurr_Betchxx Report | 10/13/2010 4:24 pm
That sucks...I really want a dog too but I can't have more than 2 pets. I hate it when landlords and stuff won't let you have what animals you want. Plus, the ferrets pretty much are considered "cage" animals, so it seems like there wouldn't be a problem there, but you just can't please some picky landlords.
Shela neko Report | 10/11/2010 2:45 pm
Shela neko
hi whats up mow blaugh blaugh
xxMurr_Betchxx Report | 10/10/2010 10:05 pm
Cool, what's its name? Do you have any pictures of it?
Mystic Night94 Report | 10/01/2010 5:15 pm
Mystic Night94
heart LOVE heart your store!
Vincent-Valentine-X1 Report | 09/28/2010 2:11 pm
thx =)
lurmom103l Report | 09/25/2010 1:17 pm
yea cuz wen is not clean blaugh is not berry pretty
lurmom103l Report | 09/24/2010 9:31 pm
i dont think its weird i think is natural u like laundry
lurmom103l Report | 09/24/2010 8:42 pm
laundry really?
Artemesia_of_Persia Report | 09/23/2010 2:14 pm
Thank you for buying my Red Ink.


Dream Avie. Help me get there! ^_^

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