"If you can read this, thank a teacher"

I don't read as often as I used to but my fine taste in literature has yet to sway. Of course, I prefer certain genres and it does lead to favoritism on my part. My least favorite would have to be romance novels and because I grew up with the classic vampire and I strongly disagree with Lady Meyer's take on them, the Twilight series gets two thumbs down from me.

"Entertainment is a thing of the past, today we've got television"

It is true that I do prefer the shows on television that f*ck me up emotionally. Rescue Me tops the list. I also enjoy watching imbecilic, accident prone individuals so It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia takes first place in this category. I love Steve Carell aka The Office <3 but I have a dirty indulgence for reality shows [shame on me] that I am too embarrassed to list here.

"Film is one of the three universal languages"

Rainman; Three Kings; The Shining; Jurassic Park; Nightmare Before Christmas; The Labyrinth; Scarface(1983); Little Shop of Horrors(1986); Ghostbusters; Alien, Aliens; I Am Legend; and many many more. I do not discriminate here. I'll watch anything once. Except for Borat, never finished it and I don't plan to.

♫ Ich bin mit der Band ♫

I prefer rock and all it's sub categories to everything else but I do enjoy the occasional instrumental track and pop princess vocals. I definitely appreciate music more than anything else, it's my life. I like analyzing tracks down to the very last note and I welcome a healthy debate about some bands and artists. I'm currently in a TH stupor. This has never happened to me before and I do not know why. I've been stuck in it for a few months now. I'm not too sensitive about Tokio Hotel criticism but there's a very big difference between that and trolling, flaming or hating.

»-(¯`v´¯)-» my ʈ εїз ץ loves »-(¯`v´¯)-»

schatz teddy ™
bawdy Jungen ™
kikitan : silver promise ring
kikitan : star hairpin
THE Rockr Chik : radioactive blue raving goggles
AliceCyanide : aqua heart hairpin
Boriqua5452 : benny the puppy
Boriqua5452 : romani glasses

What Color Am I?

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You value freedom, impulse, emotion and fire. You love instant gratification and acting on your gut feeling. At your best, you are passionate and decisive. At your worst, you are shortsighted and destructive. Your symbol is a fireball. Your enemies are white and blue.


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Report | 03/09/2010 3:41 pm


y thank yeww!

Report | 02/13/2010 1:36 pm


Sorry, I didn't tell you my new e-mail? I'll PM it to you so not veryone knows what it is : P

Report | 01/29/2010 7:35 pm


hey favorite cuz, PM me when you start loggging in again.

Report | 12/22/2009 11:04 am


np! thank you.
merry christmas and happy new year!
Ehrro Nyte

Report | 12/20/2009 11:37 am

Ehrro Nyte

Yeah, a bit.
Ehrro Nyte

Report | 12/19/2009 8:34 pm

Ehrro Nyte

Yeah, but another two weeks off for Christmas vacation... this could be interesting! Oh well, I love being off school anyway!
Ehrro Nyte

Report | 12/19/2009 8:12 pm

Ehrro Nyte

haha yes.
Ehrro Nyte

Report | 12/19/2009 8:07 pm

Ehrro Nyte

Just family. My friends are busy. I'm fine with it, spending time with my family is good, but being off school for two weeks will probably mean constant fighting. With my brother and my mom I mean, 'cause I'd never wanna be in a fight with my dad. neutral
Ehrro Nyte

Report | 12/19/2009 7:55 pm

Ehrro Nyte

Haha yeah, I do have a pretty high metabolism, but I don't tend to eat much, especially compared to the rest of my family! And happy eating to you too! biggrin
Ehrro Nyte

Report | 12/19/2009 7:36 pm

Ehrro Nyte

My family is also having Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve, Christmas day, after Christmas at some point, and probably more Christmas dinners after that. It's kinda hard to get together with all the family because my grandma and grandpa on my mom's side split up, so I have to go to both of their houses for dinner with their new family, and same with on my dad's side. Plus we always go to my great grandma's house(on my mom's side) to get together with a larger amount of my family.(Which we did today.) And I'm sure there's someone else I'm missing. neutral

And we always open presents on Christmas morning. smile


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